Executive Summary

This is a pilot study that introduces experiential and interdisciplinary learning to the study of criminal law (LA 104). The aim of this innovative pedagogic intervention is to teach consent in sexual offences in criminal law through a live performance. Sexual offences lectures are an integral part of criminal law syllabus but one that is challenging for both tutors and for teachers, and following which the students are often left questioning the fairness and gender disparity in law. This session would delve deeper into this complex field and allow students to engage not only with legal concepts but also the process of the trial and its theatricality critically, in a safe but challenging learning environment.

The session will be a part performance of a trial on sexual offences, consisting of testimonies of the accused and the complainant. The script used for the session is an adapted version of a script used by Professor Munro, Head of Law School, on her research on mock trials and it is the first time the script or mock trial is used for pedagogic purposes.

The project engages students in a number of different levels as actors, active learners, and as 'juries'. The actors will be recruited from Warwick Art Faculty, and from the members of the Warwick Drama Society. The performance will provide interdisciplinary, critical learning space and environment for all involved. It will help to engage the students to critically with their studies of law and criminal justice; and it will allow the actors to gain experience and new skills.

The budget will be used compensate the actors for their time and for filming and editing session. This will is a pilot study that will be expanded upon in the future years as we plan to introduce experiential learning more to the study of criminal law in particular.