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Entrepreneurship: A Critical Perspective - IL020/IL120


This is an interactive and reflective module aiming to inspire students to entrepreneurship by offering an interdisciplinary overview of the entrepreneurial process and the different facets of entrepreneurial activity.

The idea of this module develops from a recent article by Jones, Matlay and Maritz (2012) on enterprise education. These authors identify four modes of enterprise education (EE):

  • EE at the business school;
  • EE as a "skill";
  • EE through Business start-ups;
  • and EE as a transformative pedagogy.

While activities are under way under the first three modes, the fourth mode is largely missing, especially at undergraduate level. Thus, the purpose of this module is to highlight the interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary nature of enterprise/entrepreneurship as a field of study and 'lift the curtain' on entrepreneurship for students from all disciplinary backgrounds.

Student voice

This is an incredible module which takes you on a journey into the real side of entrepreneurship. It breaks down the stereotypical lifestyle and journey which society portrays of entrepreneurs and shines a new perspective on what entrepreneurship actually means and the impact it has on the world! The module is taught in an energetic and engaging way and I genuinely enjoyed the assessments as it allows you to reflect on how much you develop throughout the module. Whether you just have a curiosity in entrepreneurship or are a seasoned entrepreneur yourself, this module will definitely be one of your favourite at Warwick!
Global Sustainable Development, 2nd year, 2019/20 cohort.
This module will definitely teach you something new about entrepreneurship - in a way you would not expect it to. If you think you know everything about entrepreneurship, or that it's not at all for you, be ready to change your mind.
Politics and International Studies, 3rd year, 2019/20 cohort.

Indicative Structure

Each session is designed to address theoretical aspects of the topic and explore a facet of its practical implication. Therefore, where possible, in the second hour of the session students will engage with external speakers and entrepreneurs, work on reflective exercises individually and in interdisciplinary teams.

Week 1= Introduction

Week 2 to 4 = Focus on the individual

Week 5 to 7 =Focus on others and society

Week 8 and 9= Practical considerations for entrepreneurship

Week 10 = Conclusion

Indicative Content

Exploring entrepreneurship from various disciplines and viewpoints, the module curates a range of expertise from the fields of Psychology, Business Studies, Education, Information Systems, Cultural Policy, and more. Each session is unique and will take you on a reflective journey of personal and academic growth.

  • The Role of Motivation and Passion in Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Thinking
  • Failure in Entrepreneurship
  • Social and Ethical Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Decolonising Entrepreneurship


Curious to see what assessment on this module looks like?

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Module code:

IL020 - Level 5 (Intermediate)

IL120 - Level 6 (Third year/Finalist)

Module Convenors

Dr Vishalakshi Roy
V dot Roy at warwick dot ac dot uk

Class time 2024-25

Term 1 (Autumn)
Thursdays 14:00 - 16:00





15 minute presentation (30%)
3000 word essay (60%)
500 word blog (10%)

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