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Intercultural Communication in Theory and Practice

Intercultural Communication in Theory and Practice

An IATL Interdisciplinary Module

Module Code

IL043 Level 5 (Intermediate)

IL143 Level 6 (Third year/Finalist)

Module Convenors

Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (Applied Linguistics)

Thomas Greenaway (Student Opportunity)


Autumn Term

Tues 11:00- 13:00

Assessment (TBC)

Interdisciplinary group project 30%

Individual reflective narrative 70%

What is the module about?

This module approaches the theory and practice of intercultural communication in an accessible and interdisciplinary way by drawing on your diverse perspectives and experiences to unpack the complex relationship between communication and culture. It will encourage you to think critically about the way culture has been conceptualised, and understand how the shift from ‘culture-as-given’ to ‘culture-as-construct’ is driving the direction of research (e.g. analysing the more subtle ways we use language to negotiate our cultural identities). You’ll draw on your disciplinary knowledge to explore the role of language at different levels of culture (e.g. occupational culture, departmental culture), as these intersect in a range of professional disciplines (e.g. engineering, medicine, education).

The module is delivered in a blended format, with weekly workshops that provide the opportunity to explore how theory operates in practice through the design of experiential learning activities centered around communication at group level and pair level. Reflecting on the patterns of communication you observed in these activities and in project meetings will generate critical insights that will consolidate your learning, which you will be able to demonstrate in the reflective assessment piece. Ultimately, this module gives you the conceptual toolkit to develop an advanced level of intercultural awareness that will be relevant throughout your career.

What will the module cover?

Week 1: Introduction

Week 2: Conceptualising culture across disciplines

Week 3: Unpacking Intercultural Communication

Week 4: Language and professional culture

Week 5: Communication practices in teamwork

Week 6: The critical issue of feedback

Week 7: Intercultural communication and leadership

Week 8: Professional development and intercultural training

Week 9: Researching intercultural communication

Week 10: SDA Showcase & Peer Review

This is an indicative module outline to indicate the topics that may be covered. Actual sessions held may differ.

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    Assessments TBC

    Interdisciplinary group project 30%

    Interdisciplinary group project on the theme of culture and inclusion. Each group will devise the format of their own project and critically explore the theme through their diverse perspectives.

    Individual reflective narrative 70%

    Reflective narrative on participation in experiential learning activities during the module, focusing on communication behaviours in teamwork.

    See our video 'Demystifying Student Devised Assessments' to learn more about IATL assessment methods.

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    Learning Outcomes

    See module catalogue [link to follow]

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