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The Study of Jazz at University of Warwick

Warwick Jazz Twitter imageIn recent years jazz studies has attempted to move beyond the canonical view of jazz as a narrative of great performers within an American context, becoming more interdisciplinary and international in its approach.

At the University of Warwick there are several academic staff, from different departments and faculties, conducting research in jazz and exploring the links between academics and the practice of jazz in the wider community. Their teaching also incorporates elements of their research in jazz, such as the MA modules 'HI929 Race, Class and Jazz' and 'FI914 Sound Cultures'. They have also drawn together a set of resources that will be useful to anyone interested in the study of jazz.

A conference, 'New Jazz Conceptions: History, Theory, Practice', was held at the University of Warwick on 31st May 2014, organised by Dr Roger Fagge and Dr Nicolas Pillai and sponsored by the Humanities Research Centre, with speakers Tony Whyton, Catherine Tackley, Andrew Hodgetts, Roger Magraw, Katherine Williams, Adrian Litvinoff, Simon Barber and Vic Hobson (from the National Jazz Archive).

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