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Areas of Research

The MIBTP brings together departments of the 3 Universities with research programmes investigating biological questions that align to priorities in the BBSRC strategy. This includes departments of Life Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Medicine, Chemical Engineering, Systems Biology, Psychology and Sports Science. We support novel cross-disciplinary approaches - integration of strongly quantitative disciplines and new ways of working, combining both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ experimentation across traditional discipline barriers to create novel systems models and tools to provide new biological insight. We have particular strengths in:

  • Food Security - research addressing questions in plant science, crop science, farm animal health, microbiology (plant, soil and farm animal), fisheries and bees that influence the sustainable production of food
  • Bioenergy and Industrial Biotechnology - research addressing the provision of energy, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals from living systems
  • Molecules, Cells and Systems - research addressing biological questions relevant to BBSRC using the latest omics methods, synthetic, structural, systems and imaging biology.