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Cerys Currie

PhD Study

I am currently studying for a PhD on the BBSRC funded MIBTP programme, under the Molecules, Cells and Systems theme. I am working in the laboratories of Dr Andrew McAinsh and Professor Jonathan Millar on a project focused on the roles of checkpoint proteins Bub1 and BubR1 in the human spindle assembly checkpoint.


I studied for my undergraduate degree at the University of East Anglia in Natural Sciences, obtaining First Class honours. During this time I was awarded a BBSRC funded Research Experience Placement (REP), allowing me to work in the laboratory of Professor Ian Clark for 10 weeks, studying microRNA function in cartilage and osteoarthritis. Following this placement, I completed my third year research project in the laboratory of Dr Samuel Fountain, investigating the pharmacology of homomeric and heteromeric P2X receptors.

MIBTP Year 1 Training
  • Mini Project 1: HPV18 deregulates polarity protein expression in an E6-PBM dependant manner (Dr Sally Roberts, University of Birmingham, Institute of Cancer and Genomic Sciences)
  • PIPS: Cell Therapy Sciences, University of Warwick Venture Centre
  • Mini Project 2: Investigating the role of Bub1 in human checkpoint signalling (Dr Andrew McAinsh/Professor Jonathan Millar, University of Warwick CMCB)
  • UEA Research Placement Sypnosium: Talk on microRNAs and osteoarthritis, August 2014.
  • MIBTP Poster Meeting: Poster on Bub1 and spindle checkpoint signalling, September 2016.
  • MIBTP Poster Meeting: Poster on using CRISPR-Cas9 to elucidate the role of Bub1 in human checkpoint signalling, April 2017.

Conferences attended:

  • Mechanochemistry at the Shard, London, February 2017

 RPE1 cell stained for Bub1 and Crest in prometaphase

RPE1 cell stained for Bub1 and Crest in prometaphase


Alongside my PhD studies, I am a keen horse rider and runner. I compete in dressage, and am training to run a half marathon in 2018.

Contact email: