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Helen Wilson

About me

I am currently doing my PhD in Life Sciences at the University of Warwick and part of The Zeeman Institute: Systems Biology and Infectious Disease Epidemiology Research (SBIDER). I am interested in population level immune dynamics resulting from co-circulating and sequential outbreaks of closely related viruses. At the moment I am focussing on flaviviruses, in particular dengue and Zika. My supervisors are Mike Tildesley and Erin Gorsich.


2018 - Present

University of Warwick, Coventry: PhD Life Sciences

Funding body: MIBTP

Project: Using mathematical models to explore antibody dependent enhancement and cross-reactivity between flaviviruses

2017 - 2018

University of Birmingham, Birmingham: MRes Cellular and Molecular Biology

Project 1: Mathematical modelling of plasmid persistence within waste water reactors

Project 2: Establishing iteron 10's role in the potentiation of plasmid curing

2014 - 2017

University of the West of England, Bristol: BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

Final year project: Using Hemsolve to Compare the Blood Flow Dynamics of Different Subsets of the Population


Wilson, H.R. and Hill, A. (2019) Demonstrating the Requirements for New Reference Ranges for Diagnosis and Prognosis to Reflect Subsets of the Population. Bioscience Horizons, 11. pp. 1-7.

Wilson, H. R., Veal, D., Whiteman, M. and Hancock, J. T. (2017) Hydrogen gas and its role in cell signaling. CAB Reviews, 12 (045). pp. 1-3.

Hancock, J. T., Wilson, H. R. and Neill. S.J. (2017) Nitric Oxide Signalling in Plants. eLS. Chichester: Wiley. ISBN 9780470015902.

Office: Room 5.04, Mathematical Sciences