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Leavers checklist

Congratulations, you are coming to the end of your PhD project

The Warwick thesis hand in deadline is strictly 30th September 2018.

The Birmingham and Leicester hand in deadline is 28th September 2018.

Your registered University and department will be in touch with regards to the hand in procedure of your thesis, your Viva and graduation. As an MIBTP student we would also be grateful if you would take a look at this page in order to ensure that you follow the correct proecures when leaving the programme.


As you were informed at the beginning of the programme; MacBooks remain the property of the University of Warwick (regardless of which University you are registered) and must be returned to the School of Life Sciences on completion of your PhD. Therefore, once you have completed your thesis and made any necessary corrections, the machine (along with the power lead and the original box if you still have them) must be handed back to IT Services.

For Warwick students

If you are based at Warwick (and if convenient for Birmingham and Leicester students), machines should be handed back to the IT Services team in the School of Life Sciences (room B103). You can arrange to do this at a time convenient to yourself; please contact Parm Jootla in ITS directly to arrange a time.

For Birmingham and Leicester students

We realise that for non-Warwick students, it may not be convenient for you to travel to Warwick to hand in your machine. With this in mind, ITS are happy for you to return your machine to your registered university and they will collect it from there. Please arrange to deliver your machine to the local university adminstrator; Birmingham students should contact Chris Thomas (machines can be returned to the Biosciences reception, SG05) and Leicester students should contact Sergio Gonzalez Sanchez.

Lab space

Please ensure that before you finish your PhD you have cleared your lab space (where relevant), disposing of any biological samples which are no longer required and clearly labelling others which are to be retained by your group. If you are unsure of anything or have any queries, please get in touch with your local lab technicians.


Please join the MIBTP Students Past and Present Linkedin group. It is a great way for the programme to be able to see what you are doing going forward and it enables you to keep in touch with other members of MIBTP. You may need to request a connection with the MIBTP Administrator before you can join the group.


As a graduating student, you are eligible to become a member of your registered university alumni.

The benefits of becoming alumni members are many, including; access to the University library and facilities, support in your career, a university email address and alumni discounts. You can find further information online:

Researchfish - BBSRC funded students only

BBSRC requests the submission of Researchfish annual reports for 3 years following the completion of its funding of a student. This is only relevant to those students who were funded by the BBSRC (students funded directly by the university are not required to do this).

Please ensure that you change your Researchfish email address to one that you will have contuned access to, look out for correspondance from Researchfish regarding annual report submissions and ensure that you submit by the given deadline.

You can find recommendations regarding the annual report on the BBSRC website. You can also email Researchfish directly if you have any queries.

Leavers questionnaire

Please take a few minutes to complete the MIBTP leavers questionnaire; this information will really help us when we apply for future grants and when BBSRC request programme statistics. Completion of this form is mandatory and must be completed by your last day or 30th September 2018.

Any other questions?

Should you have any other queries with regards to leaving MIBTP please do not hestate to contact your local Director, or the MIBTP administrator.

Professor Brian Thomas - University of Warwick
Professor Chris Thomas - University of Birmingham
Dr Jonathan McDearmid - University of Leicester
Kerry Davies - DTP Officer