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Cell metabolism dynamics in cancer

Principal Supervisor: Prof Orkun SoyerLink opens in a new window

Co-supervisor: Munehiro Asally

PhD project title: Cell metabolism dynamics in cancer

University of Registration: University of Warwick

Project outline:

Cancer cells have altered metabolism. In particular, they have higher propensity for fermentative glycolysis over respiratory glycolysis. This metabolic phenotype is similar to that observed in the model organism baker’s yeast. We have hypothesised that the cancer metabolic phenotype relates to imbalances in redox dynamics, in particular the dynamics of NAD(P)+ and NAD(P)H. We have developed techniques to monitor NAD(P)H dynamics in single cells using confocal fluorescence microscopy and FLIM (fluorescence life-time imaging microscopy) – a technology that is uniquely available at the University of Warwick.

In this project, you will use these techniques, combined with microfluidics culturing of cells to study effect of perturbations on NAD(P)H dynamics at single cell level. Ideal candidates should have an interest in quantitative approaches, and in particular image analysis, microfluidics, and metabolic analysis.





BBSRC Strategic Research Priority: Understanding the rules of life Systems Biology, Stem Cells, and Microbiology, Renewable Resources and Clean Growth - Industrial Biotechnology, and Bio-Energy, and Integrated Understanding of Health - Pharmaceuticals.


Techniques that will be undertaken during the project:
confocal fluorescence microscopy, FLIM, targeted metabolomics

Contact: Prof Orkun Soyer