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Dr Andrew Beacham

Dr Andrew Beacham

Dr Andrew Beacham
Harper Adams University
In three words or phrases how would you describe your supervision style?

Supportive, detail-oriented, outcome-oriented.

In one or two sentences please describe your strategies regarding the following.
Provision of training:

Your training will comprise a mixture of myself or colleagues taking responsibility for some aspects of your technical training at first, leading to more independence later, with other aspects where you will be encouraged to independently figure out appropriate methods and changes to methodology to build your experimental development and problem-solving skills.

Progression monitoring and management:

We will work together to define goals for the short and long term and will keep up to date with regular meetings e.g. every one-two weeks to monitor progress and help with problem-solving, but I will also be available to discuss issues and provide guidance in between. Meetings with larger groups of colleagues will also be arranged and are very beneficial for fixing problems and identifying areas where helps is needed and can be provided.

I aim to provide a balance between providing support, instruction and guidance where necessary but also to allow you enough space to develop your own ideas and permit your establishment as an independent researcher.


Communication within the team generally occurs within normal working hours and I will not expect you to reply to messages outside of these times, similarly I may not reply outside of these times. The team has a WhatsApp group chat with which we can communicate during the week. You are free to contact outside of these times but a reply may not be obtained straightaway.

I am happy to discuss any issues that are impacting your ability to fulfil your potential or my/our expectations and would encourage you to raise any issues that may be impacting your work with the most appropriate person – we aim to establish a supportive environment where colleagues can help each other where needed. This could be myself, other supervisors, other postgraduate research students and postdocs, welfare support and staff such as Dr Martin Hare, Director of Postgraduate Research.

How often do your PhD students see you in a timetabled group meeting?

At least once per fortnight

In year 1 of PhD study, how often do your PhD students have a scheduled >30 minute 1:1 meeting with you?

At least once per week

In year 2 of PhD study, how often do your PhD students have a scheduled >30 minute 1:1 meeting with you?

At least once per fortnight

In year 3 of PhD study, how often do your PhD students have a scheduled >30 minute 1:1 meeting with you?

At least once per fortnight

What form do your 1:1 meetings with PhD students take?

A mixture of face to face or via video chat or telephone.

Open door policy?

Yes, I am usually contactable for a response (if required) on every working day, where other commitments such as teaching allow.

My expectation of PhD student working patterns?

The timing of work in my lab is predominantly flexible, and (other than attending pre-arranged meetings), I expect students to manage their own time (within the opening hours/restrictions set by the University).

Notice for feedback (e.g.on reports, manuscript drafts, thesis chapters)?

I need at least 2 week’s notice to provide feedback on written work of up to 5000 words.