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Dr Maria Chiara Arno

Dr Maria Chiara Arno

Dr Maria Chiara Arno
University of Birmingham
In three words or phrases how would you describe your supervision style?

I will motivate and inspire you to achieve the goals we set at the beginning of your PhD. While I will provide more supervision at the beginning of the project, my aim is to give you the tools to thrive and independently take your project into new directions. I will ensure that you develop technical and transferable skills that will be highly beneficial for your future career.

In one or two sentences please describe your strategies regarding the following.
Provision of training:

Training on all techniques required for the success of this project will be provided by me and my team. I will ensure you master essential techniques and develop both technical skills (Schlenk line use, small molecule synthesis, polymerisations, cell culture, etc.), and ‘soft’ skills (writing, communication, leadership). Moreover, as a consequence of the nature of this project, the training will be highly interdisciplinary, spanning organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and tissue culture.

Progression monitoring and management:

Progression will be monitored by weekly meetings with both supervisors for the first 3 months of the project. Meetings with supervisors will then be scheduled fortnightly after completion of an informal report with the latest (2-weeks) results, where progress and future directions will be discussed. The PhD student will then discuss their work more formally every month in joint group meetings with other group members. All training and necessary support will be provided for the first 6 months. These tools will provide the PhD student the confidence and ability to take ownership of their project and further develop the science behind it.


I am happy to discuss any issues that are impacting your ability to fulfil your potential and succeed in your PhD. I am always available via email and we can schedule meetings as often as required. Moreover, the postgraduate research support team in the School of Chemistry will support you in any aspect of your PhD journey.

How often do your PhD students see you in a timetabled group meeting?

At least once a month.

In year 1 of PhD study, how often do your PhD students have a scheduled >30 minute 1:1 meeting with you?

At least once per week.

In year 2 of PhD study, how often do your PhD students have a scheduled >30 minute 1:1 meeting with you?

At least once per fortnight.

In year 3 of PhD study, how often do your PhD students have a scheduled >30 minute 1:1 meeting with you?

At least once per month.

What form do your 1:1 meetings with PhD students take?

Face to face (if allowed under current health and safety advice). Otherwise through video chat.

Open door policy?

Yes, I am usually contactable for an instant response (if required) on every working day.

My expectation of PhD student working patterns?

Working hours are flexible, although students are strongly encouraged to work on site during core hours to avoid lone working. Part-time working needs to be agreed in advance.

Notice for feedback (e.g. on reports, manuscript drafts, thesis chapters)?

I need at least 2 weeks’ notice to provide feedback on written work of up to 5000 words.