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Luke Richards - Warwick iCASE

Name: Luke Richards

1. What is your home university, what department and lab are you in?

University of Warwick, School of Life Sciences, Schäfer lab

2. What type of studentship are you on? CASE, iCASE, NPIF etc?

iCASE studentship.

3. How did you organise your accommodation for the first year?

Remained in own home followed by 12 month rent found on right move.

4. How did you manage commuting to UoW for the first term?

Driving from Suffolk.

5. How did you organise your mini-projects?

Direct contact with supervisor.

6. How did you organise your PIPS?

As an iCASE student, I am undertaking my placement with my industrial collaborator.

7. Is there anything you wished you'd known before you started?

No, aspects of the training year are really well communicated.