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Identity and Workplace Communication

Cluster Description

Cluster coordinator for Warwick: Christina Efthymiadou (

This cluster aims to bring together scholars with an interest in Workplace Communication and Identity. Some of the main questions that aims to address are:
How does identity become relevant to the workplace and affect professional practice?
How does identity gets constructed and negotiated in professional contexts?
How can we study identity in a workplace context?

Introductory Meeting of the Cluster

19th of January 2017

On 19/1/2017 we had our first meeting of the MITN research cluster 'Identity and Workplace (Communication)'. The meeting was attended by cluster members in Warwick, Bologna and Monash Universities. In this introductory event we had the chance to meet the cluster members, talk about our individual projects and identify common interests. We also discussed about the future activities of the cluster. We agreed that our meetings should include some reading and discussion on contemporary work on professional communication and the study of identity, but also more practical sessions, where we could share part of our data and discuss our analytical and methodological decisions or even seek advice from our co-members.

Although this was just the first meeting of the research cluster, we also discussed about the prospect of having a panel on professional communication in the I-mean 5 conference in April 2017 in Bristol. We all agreed that we would be interested in pursuing this opportunity, so in the following days we booked some slots for our panel in the conference and we also decided and wrote the panel abstract. Our next meeting will take place at the beginning of March.

Second Meeting

8th of March 2017

Our second cluster meeting took place on the 8th of March. In the first part of this meeting we discussed Stephanie's Schnurr chapter on 'Identities in the Workplace' and members shared their ideas on how to research identity in professional contexts. In the second part of the meeting, Christina Efthymiadou shared some of her ethnographic data with cluster members and discussed how she analysed it. A frutiful dialogue was initiated with regards to methodological issues regarding narrative analysis.

Panel in iMean5 Conference

7th of April 2017

Seven of the 'Identity and Workplace Communication' MITN cluster members (Rachel Chimbwete-Phiri, Daniel Clayton, Chiara Nardone, Christina Efthymiadou, Kristina Humonen, Polina Mesinioti and Kyoungmi Kim) participated in the iMean 5 conference in UWE Bristol and held a panel 'Exploring multidisciplinarity in workplace studies'. The panel presentations brought together perspectives of professional communication fields, and was followed by a round table discussion facilitated by Jo Angouri and Meredith Marra and a publishing workshop by Multilingual Matters. The panel was well attended and our work was very well received attracting many nice comments.

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Prospective cluster events:

Next cluster meeting

Our next cluster meeting is planned for the end of May 2017. More information will follow shortly.

Past announcements:

In the context of the i-Mean 5 Conference in Bristol (6-8 April, 2017), the 'Identity and Workplace Communication' MITN cluster is organising a panel which aims to brink together professional communication scholars to reflect on : 'Exploring multidisciplinarity in workplace studies'. We focus on (socio)linguistic research and analysis and consider how our work can benefit from multidisciplinarity without ending in ‘a jack of all trades’ position and losing the strengths of in depth linguistic theoretical tools and analysis.

The panel consists of 6 papers addressing the topic followed by a round table discussion.