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Our Mission

The Projects in Progress (PIPs) network is a vibrant group of European project staff from across the University. We meet regularly throughout the year to discuss and make practical progress on issues concerning those who work on any European research project. The network provides support, advice and guidance on a range of concerns.

Each meeting has a specific focus (such as timesheets, audits, finances, project management etc) and aims to make concrete progress or give clarification on concerns which affect us all. As each meeting is organised by a different group of network volunteers, and the agenda is set by the group at the previous meeting, we are able to ensure variety and progression. We are not a static group- we are always trying to develop and answer new concerns, as well as being a shoulder to cry on during reporting!

The group is open to all colleagues- administrators and academics alike. We welcome new members and there is no obligation to attend all events- just come when the topic is of interest to you.

We work closely with colleagues in Research Support Services and act as a complementary network. The PIPs group aims to strengthen the links between outstanding research project management and the outstanding financial and support services provided by RSS.

As such, the PIPs are also able to provide support to academic colleagues looking to submit new bids to European funders- see our Bid Support page for further information.

If you would like to join the network and be invited to our events, gain access to our resources, and online information, please sign up now.