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Hello everyone!

Thank you for being involved in the network. This is our space for organising upcoming events.

The next meeting will be held on September 17th, 10.00-12.00, in the PGHub (Senate House). The event will be an opportunity to ask questions of project managers whose projects are now coming to a close. Please register you attendance online. Thank you!

To find out more about our previous meetings please navigate through the tabs above.

Basic tips for organising PIPs meetings

1. Decide on a date as an organising group

2. Prepare an advert and update the home page text of this website

3. Download the (Excel Spreadsheet)current mailing list and inform the current group of an upcoming event. They can log-in and sign up online - here.

4. Advertise the event on Inbox-Insite and on the Insite calendar. New members can join the network and sign up for the next event here

5. Add new member details to the mailing list and re-upload it to the website (on this page). As it is the same file, uncheck the box ('Keep the existing file properties') and then select 'Overwrite file'. Then the link on this page will then remain active.

5. Book your room space and catering

6. Finalise the agenda and circulate it to the attendees. Add it online on your events page

7. Write up any event minutes and publish them on this site under your event page

8. Receive general admiration for your wonderful work!