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Module Description

Intro | Topics | Prerequisites | Aims | Objectives | Structure and teaching style

Introduction: What is this module about?

[General info on the module]

The sequence of topics in brief

[This can be deleted if the table on the front page seems sufficient; however, this section may be useful to outline the logic behind teaching topics in the order they appear.]

Module prerequisites

[Delete as appropriate; technically our modules do not have prerequisites, but if a particular knowledge set would be useful, stick it her AND TELL MEL SO THAT SHE CAN ADD IT TO THE MODULE ADVERTISING BLURBS SO THAT APPLICANTS HAVE THIS INFO BEFORE SELECTING THEIR MODULES]

Module aims

The principal aims of [MODULE NAME] are to

Module objectives

By the end of the module you will [blah blah blah]

Module structure & teaching style

[This is where you outline the teaching style for the module and what the students should expect in terms of structure. For example, whether the seminars will be student or tutor led, balance of lecture vs discussion, whether there will be presentations, expectations about group work, etc. This is about managing the expectations of your students.]