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Weekly schedule

This page gives you general indications about the course schedule. Reading refer to the course reading list. Precise chapters and page numbers will be indicated during the term. The * mark priority readings.





1 (6.1)
The role of data in the social sciences before and since the Internet (1)

Rosenberg in Gitelman 2013, chap. 1*
Gruber Garvey in Gitelman 2013, chap. 5*
Kitchin 2014, chap. 8*

Slides week 1
2 (13.1)

Course postponed to Tuesdays 20-1, 27-1 and 3-2, from 13-14, in room F25a, Millburn House.

3 (20.1)

The role of data in the social sciences before and since the Internet (2)

de Vaus 2007
Hill et al. 2014

Slides week 3
4 (27.1)
Surveys in social and political research
Questionnaire design and implementation
Sturgis 2008*
Schaeffer and Presser 2003*
Blair et al. 1977*
Belson et al. 1981
Bryman 2012, chap. 10-11
Lee 1993, chap. 5-6
Payne 1951
Slides week 4
5 (3.2)
Analysis of secondary datasets
Introduction to basic statistics with Excel
Hill, Dean and Murphy 2014: chap. 6, chap. 7 & chap. 8

Presentation of the UK Data Service by Jo Wathan (University of Manchester) with crime dataset as an example

Slides Jo Wathan
Slides week 5
Media and politics dataset
Media and Politics Questionnaire

6 (10.2)
Reading week
7 (17.2)

Presentation of summative essay
Hands-on session: getting and assessing data

On 17.02, bring your laptop with battery loaded
Deadline for formative essay submission: 18.2
8 (24.2)
Students' oral presentations and feedback on formative essays
Hands-on session: treating your data

Presentation of a case from conflict studies by Vincenzo Bove (PAIS, University of Warwick)

Slides week 8 (exercises)

9 (3.3)
Hands-on session: treating your data

Slides week 9
10 (10.3)
Data treatment: discussion about Jiang 2013
'Big data', administrative data and social media data

Thelwall, Sud and Vis 2012*
Wilkinson and Thelwall (in press)*
Hill and Murphy 2014

Deadline for summative essay submission: 5.5

Slides week 10

Updated 12.01.2014