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Weekly schedule

Here you can find the weekly schedule of the module, which will give you an overview of the topics covered, and a link to the respective readings. This page will be updated regularly, so check often! You can find the slides for the seminars by clicking on the lecture or the seminar topic.



Lecture Topic

Seminar Topic

Term 1 Week 1

Introduction to the Module

(It is very important to attend this meeting in the first week of term)

(no seminar)
Term 1 Week 2

The Importance of Quantitative Methods in Social Science

Introduction to Stata and Preparation of Field Work
Term 1 Week 3

Conceptualisation, Operationalisation and Measurement

Field Work on Campus
Term 1 Week 4

Validity, reliability, and exploration of single variables (mean, spread, standard deviation, etc.)

Building our data set
Term 1 Week 5

Levels of measurement and distributions

Stata session: "The Intro Week Experience"

Term 1 Week 6 Reading Week Reading Week
Term 1 Week 7 Basics of probability

Part 1: Presentations: "The Intro Week Experience"

Part 2: Conceptualisation, Operationalisation and Measurement: Democracy

Term 1 Week 8

Sampling - Who, What, Where, When?

Conceptualisation, Operationalisation and Measurement: Economic Development
Term 1 Week 9

Sampling Distributions

Conceptualisation, Operationalisation and Measurement: Inequality
Term 1 Week 10





Lecture Topic

Seminar Topic

Term 2 Week 1 Basics of statistical inference Recap / Use and abuse of numbers in the media
Term 2 Week 2 z-tests, t-tests, and confidence intervals n/a
Term 2 Week 3 Two sample t-tests, and non-parametric equivalents n/a
Term 2 Week 4 Cross-tabulation and chi-square Introduction to Assessment 2 / Working with data 1
Term 2 Week 5 Measures of association: correlation
Working with data 2
Term 2 Week 6 Reading Week Reading Week
Term 2 Week 7 Regression preliminaries: ANOVA
Working with data 3
Term 2 Week 8 Linear regression: the intuition
Working with data 4
Term 2 Week 9 The basics of multiple regresssion
Working with data 5
Term 2 Week 10 The Classical Model
Individual meetings, please book here.



Lecture Topic

Seminar Topic

Term 3 Week 1 Recap and Model Specification
Working with data 6
Term 3 Week 2 The critique of quantitative research Workshop - Preparation of Assessment