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Warwick Q-Step Methods Spring Camp 2017

Warwick Q-Step Centre is delighted to announce the second Quantitative Methods Spring Camp which will take place on 20 and 21 March 2017.
The theme of the Camp is FORECASTING. Staff and students will come together to focus on the methodological challenges related to forecasting social and political events. Participants will be able to engage in discussion and debate and gain hands-on experience of working with data to generate and assess forecasts.

On Day 1 experts will give presentation on various forecasting topics including how to forecast elections and intra-state conflict. This will provide an excellent opportunity for students to engage with the scientific community and discuss topical issues with expert forecasters. Confirmed speakers so far include Dr Stephen Fisher (University of Oxford), Dr Nils Metternich (University College London), Professor Barbel Finkenstadt (Department of Statistics, Warwick), and Professor James Mitchell (Warwick Business School). Dr Fisher develops methods for both election and referendum forecasts. Dr Metternich develops forecasting models that predict both occurence and escalation of intra-state conflicts.

On Day 2 students will gain hands-on experience in forecasting by taking part in an interactive workshop on Machine Learning and Forecasting. The workshop focuses on understanding the theory and practice of forecasting. Students will learn how to use statistical software to generate and assess forecasts of social and political events. The workshop will be given by Elio Amicarelli (University College London).

The two-day event will provide a fantastic opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to gain experience of working with others from a range of disciplines, as well as developing the conceptual and practical tools needed for forecasting real world events.

Registration for the event is now open, please visit the online registration page: