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Professor David Anderson

Recent publications on violence

Anderson, David M., and Oystein Rolandsen (eds), Politics and Violence in Eastern Africa: Struggles of Emerging States
(Routledge: London, 2015)

Fisher, Jonathan, and David M. Anderson, 'Authoritarianism and the securitization of development in Africa', International Affairs 91/1 (2015), 131-51.

Anderson, David M., and Jacob McKnight, 'Kenya at War: Al Sharaab and its Enemies in Eastern Africa', African Affairs 114/454 (2015), 1-27.

Anderson, David M. and Oystein H. Rolandsen (eds). Politics and Violence in Eastern Africa, 1940-90: The Struggles of Emerging States. Routledge: London. In press, November 2014.

Anderson, David M. and Julianne Weis. ‘The prosecution of rape in wartime: evidence from Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion, 1952-60.’ Law & History Review 32, iii (2014): in press

Anderson, David M. ‘Exit from empire: counter-insurgency and decolonization in Kenya, 1952-63.’ In Timothy Clack and Robert Johnson (eds), At the End of Military Intervention: Historical, Theoretical and Applied Solutions to Transition, Handover and Withdrawal, 107-36 (Changing Character of War Series, OUP: Oxford, 2014).

Anderson, David M. Why Mpeketoni Matters: Al-Shabaab and Violence in Kenya. Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre, NOREF Report: Oslo, September 2014.

Anderson, David M. ‘Remembering Wagalla: state violence in northern Kenya, 1962-1991.’ Journal of Eastern African Studies 8, iv (2014): 665-85.

Anderson, David M. and Oystein Rolandsen. ‘Violence as politics in eastern Africa, 1940-1990: legacy, agency, contingency.’ Journal of Eastern African Studies 8, iv (2014): 538-57.

Anderson, David M. ‘La violence par procuration: les Britanniques dans la guerra Mau Mau du Kenya.’ In Amaury Lorin et Christelle Taraud (dir.), Histoire des colonisations européennes (XIXe-XXe siècles): sociétés, cultures, politiques 172-93 (Presses universitaires de France, coll. ‘Le Noeud gordien’: Paris, 2013).

Lynch, Gabrielle and David M. Anderson. ‘Democratization and ethnic violence in Kenya: electoral cycles and shifting identities.’ In J. Bertrand & O. Haklai (eds) Democratization and Ethnic Minorities: Conflict or Compromise?, 83-102 (Routledge: London, 2013).

Violence lectures, conferences, seminars (2014):

10-12 Dec 14 Key-note lecture, at conference organized by the Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden: ‘Decolonization and the origins of excessive violence: Dutch military operations in Indonesia (1945-50) in comparative perspective.’

6 Nov 2014 Public Lecture at the African Studies Centre, Leiden University: ‘British torture and abuse in colonial Kenya.’

4 Nov 2014 Seminar presentation, at The British Academy conference on Contested Approaches to Conflict, Stability and Security: Rethinking State Fragility: ‘Exploiting fragility, creating instability: Al Shabaab and their enemies in southern Somalia.’

29 Oct 2014 JEFCAS Guest Seminar Series presentation, University of Bradford: ‘Remembering Wagalla: state violence and the military in northern Kenya, 1963-2014.’

28 Oct 2014 Organiser, panel chair and discussant, ESRC Seminar Series on ‘British Africa Policy since Labour: Security’, to be held at the University of Warwick.

19 Sept 2014 Paper presented to the conference on “Colonial Counterinsurgency in Comparative Perspective”, University of Exeter: ‘South Africa’s counter-insurgencies: the Cold War and white supremacy, 1961-89.’

9-11 Sept 14 Paper presented to the ASAUK Bi-Annual Conference, University of Sussex, Brighton: ‘Remembering Wagalla; state violence in northern Kenya, 1982-89.’

8-10 Sept 14 Paper presented at the 3rd Annual International Research Conference on ‘Corpses of Mass Violence and Genocide,’ University of Manchester: ‘Past, present and future treatment of unburied victims of Mau Mau (Kenya): where and when does violence end?’ (with Paul Lane).

31 July 2014 Public Lecture at the UK Supreme Court, London, at the invitation of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, presented to inaugurate the digitization of the historical records of the Privy Council: ‘Empire, Lawyers and the rule of Law.’

28 May 2014 Paper presented to the conference on ‘Pirates, Preachers and Politics: Security along the African Indian Ocean Coast’, Roskilde University, Denmark: “The struggle for southern Somalia: Al Shabaab and their enemies in Jubaland”

8 May 2014 Paper presented at a workshop at the African Studies Centre, University
of Oxford: “Military madness? Co-option, coercion, and counter-insurgency in the (re)making of Kenya, 2008-2014” (podcast available.)

12 Mar 2014 Lecture delivered at the Politics & International Relations Research Seminar, University of Aberystwyth: ‘Cold War counter-insurgencies and white supremacy in Africa, 1961-89’ (podcast available.)

Television Programmes

Inside Kenya’s Death Squads airs on al-Jazeera on Monday 8 December 2014 at 8pm, repeated over the following fortnight. It is discussed in The Guardian .

Current violence research projects:

Research Council of Norway: ‘The Dynamics of State Failure and Violence: South Sudan and eastern Africa’, in collaboration with Dr Oystein Rolandsen (Peace Research Institute, Oslo) & Prof William Reno (Northwestern University). 2012-2016.

AHRC Research Grant: ‘Empire Loyalists: Histories of Rebellion and Collaboration in the British Empire’, with Prof Daniel Branch (Warwick). 2012-2014.