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Information for the Undergraduates

Warwick offers a range of under-graduate courses in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology or closely related topics.

Below are a list of courses that are taught by members of WIDER, followed by a list of related courses through-out the university.

MA4E7 Population Dynamics. 3rd / 4th year Maths course by Keeling

BS116 Quantitative Biology. 1st year Biology course providing an introduction to data handling, by Courtenay & others

BS262 Epidemiology and Public Health. 2nd year Biology course introducing concepts in epidemiology, by Medley, Green & Keeling

BS372 Infectious Disease and Health. 3rd year Biology course on modern infectious diseases, by Medley & others

BS374 Modern Approaches to Human Disease. 3rd year Biology course on disease, by Green & others