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XMaS Scientist Experience 2023

Project Background

Launched in 2015, the XMaS Scientist Experience is a nationwide opportunity for any Year 12 UK Physics students who identify as female to join us on an all-expenses-paid 4-day trip to the ESRFLink opens in a new window in Grenoble, France at the beginning of July 2023. Our aim is to encourage students to consider science careers, foster a sense of community, encourage self-belief. We don’t need applicants to already excel at physics, but we do want students who are curious about the world around them, who are creative and keen to learn more about science and who are willing to share their enthusiasm. Through this trip we take students out of the classroom and show them science in a real-world application, with the aim of sparking an enthusiasm for the wonder of science. It is a tremendous opportunity to see how far a career in science can take them.

Taking place at the beginning of July 2023, students will experience what life might be like as an international research scientist, visiting the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble and take part in the Synchrotron@School ProgrammeLink opens in a new window.

They will also get the opportunity to meet amazing scientists who live and work in Grenoble and also do a little bit of sight seeing in this beautiful French city.

There are sixteen places available, applications are welcome from Year 12 UK Physics and STEM students who identify as female. It is an all-expenses-paid trip so travel, hotels and food are all covered by XMaS.

Watch the videoLink opens in a new window that was made by the ESRF team in July 2017.

Applicants will be expected to have an in date passport and able to gain any relevant visas.

How to apply:

Using the entry form (downloadable from this page) please complete the following questions:

  • Research and write a two page essay on "Lise Meitner; her life and contributions to science.
  • Much research conducted at XMaS 'might one day have some practical use' and 'could have great commercial applications'. Why is it important to conduct research even when the useful outcomes are uncertain? Use our 'The Power of X-Rays in Materials Science' publication (see link below) to assist your response.
  • Tell us about yourself, your interest in STEM and why you think this opportunity would benefit your future goals.

Once you have completed the entry form, you will need to gain permission from a parent/guardian (see form). Then upload your entry using the link below.

The closing date is the end of Sunday 26th February 2023.