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End of Run Survey

On completion of your experimental run on XMaS we ask you to provide the information requested below. This data will be used to provide our funders with operational metrics and help us to improve the overall operation of the facility.

To help us compile our statistics on our users please indicate below any new users and list separately the names of any students and post-doctoral students that attended the experiment:

Please indicate the research field that best describes the work that your performed during this experimental run *

Please provide an honest feedback on your experience on the beamline and its performance.
1 (Poor) 2 3 4 5 (Excellent)
Operation of the beamline
Working environment on the beamline
Support from beamline staff
Data quality
Sample environment
Beamline control
Ancillary computing support

An important key performance indicator is the amount of downtime of the facility. Please use the boxes below to indicate any downtime during your experiment.
To help us maintain the beamline and to improve future service, please give a detailed breakdown of any equipment failures that occured during the beamtime by type and duration:

An experimental report will be submitted to the ESRF within 1 year. It is expected that if beamtime is performed more than a month before a proposal submission round, an experimental report should be submitted for any continuation request.
Experimental Report *
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Privacy statement
This data on this form will be used to compile publicly available user and performance metrics for the mid-range facility. This data will be shared with the management body and EPSRC.
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