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Term 3 2022/2023 provisional SBIDER seminar schedule

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Provisionally we have for term 3 (2023):

  Speaker Affiliation Title
24th April Felicia Magpantay Queen's University Canada Challenges in modeling the transmission dynamics of childhood diseases
1st May BANK HOLIDAY    
8th May BANK HOLIDAY    
15th May      
22nd May Isaac Stopard Imperial College London Temperature dependent changes in the extrinsic incubation period of malaria.
29th May BANK HOLIDAY    
5th June Hugh Robinson. Department of Physiology, University of Cambridge Calcium signalling and excitability in invasive cancer cells
12th June David Rand University of Warwick

TimeTeller: a tool to analyse from data the circadian clock as a multigene dynamical system.

19th June Anna Borlaise (Big data Institute, Oxford) University of Oxford TBA: Likely modelling/analysis of schistosome infections
26th June Omer Dushek (Sir William Dunn School of Pathology) University of Oxford. The ligand discriminatory power of the T cell receptor (and other quantitative immunology tales)

October: Sebastian Funk

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