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WMS Athena SWAN History

WMS was the first Medical School in England to receive the bronze Athena SWAN award in 2012. Building on this success, we were one of the first two medical schools in the UK to be granted a Silver award in April 2013 for our school-wide work supporting the Charter for Women in Science.

Guided by our Silver Actions and the ethos propagated throughout WMS, we have made significant progress in a number of areas including:

  • Engagement with both internal and external related groups (ScienceGrrl, StemNet)
  • Advancement of HR procedures such as paternity leave/return,Work experience and outreach activities
  • Networking and presentations within WMS, university, nationally and internationally,
  • Mentoring policy and engagement
Achievements for 2013-2016:
  • More WMS staff members have completed equality and diversity training than ever before (70%)
  • We participated in and organised a number of events (WIS, International Women’s Day, WAN)
  • We gave talks nationally and internationally about Athena SWAN
  • We helped several institutions with their Athena SWAN applications
  • We promoted the expansion of numbers of dignity contacts
  • We developed a work experience pack that gives detailed guidance for anyone considering to offer work experience
  • We created a first aid and nursing mother’s room which we are now evolving into a family room
  • We launched WMS staff awards
  • We engage in a number of outreach activities
  • We develop departmental procedures such as the leaver’s exit questionnaire and a maternity leave/return welcoming and support protocol

AS Award

Julie Smith (left) and Annie Young (right) accepting the Silver Athena SWAN Award in 2013 from Professor Dame Julia Higgins, Athena SWAN Charter Patron (centre).

WMS Athena SWAN Submissions:

Silver Reneal Award, 2017 (to be published post award submission and results)

Silver Award, 2013

Bronze Award, 2011