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Who we are

Warwick Medical School's commitment to equality and support for staff and students is guided and driven by the Welfare Strategy Group (WSG).

WSG members are from all areas of WMS with a wealth of differing experiences in staff and student welfare. The group includes academics, non-academics and students. Our united purpose is to facilitate the advancement of both women and men in their careers as staff or students within a caring environment. We aim to enable people to work productively and positively towards high quality education and research.

Originally formed as the ‘Welfare and Communications Group’ (WCG), the group evolved into the 'Welfare Strategy Group' (WSG). By broadening its gender equality remit to encompass the welfare of students and staff as a whole, we embrace the wider departmental working, environment and culture.

WSG is accountable to the Senior Management Team, who in turn report to the Board of Faculty of Medicine

Graham Partridge, WSG Co-Chair, Head of Human Resources

Human Resources, link to Senior Management Group
“A key aspect of my remit is to develop, maintain and support equality, diversity and inclusion in the School. Having recently joined the School, it is pleasing to witness the vital role that the Welfare Strategy Group plays in monitoring the effectiveness of the inclusiveness, equality and diversity in our workforce.”

Married with two children, ages 7 and 5.


Claire Algar, Equality & Diversity Coordinator, UoW, External to WMS

UoW - Equality and Diversity
Single Parent with 2 dependent daughters


Sandra Beaufoy, University Equality and Diversity (E&D) Lead,
External to WMS

UoW - Equality and Diversity, AS Group
Married with caring responsibilities for elderly mother


Thomas Brooker, PhD Student

Postgraduate Research, Biomedical Sciences

Thomas Brokker

Rosemary Cragg, Unit Coordinator

Unit Coordinator, UHCW Campus, PULSE Champion

Rosemary Cragg

Chloe Guy, Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate - full-time, WMS MB ChB

Chloe Guy

Jane Hodge, Chief Operating Officer

WMS, link to Senior Management Group
“I am responsible with the Dean for representing WSG activity to the School’s SMG. I believe that everyone, female or male, deserves to be treated with fairness, dignity and respect in life –including the life they live at work. The Welfare Strategy Group enables us to develop plans, deliver actions and continuously assess our performance in this regard.”

I have one adult daughter who is proud of her working mum.


Tim Hunter, Senior Assistant Registrar

Athena SWAN Delivery

Tim Hunter

Charles Hutchinson, Professor of Imaging

Integrated Clinical Training (IAT), link (Clinical)
“I am responsible for about 50 trainees and need to balance their academic and clinical training requirements. There is a positive drive to increase the number of female candidates not least because the male female balance in medical trainees is approaching 40:60”

Charles' Profile


Rebecca Kearney, Associate Professor

WMS Clinical Trials and clinical duties.
"I receive excellent support to work full time, from my husband and WMS."

Married with a 3 year old boy and a 2 year old girl.

Rebecca's Profile


Janine Kimpton, Technical Services Centre Manager

Technical Services and Health and Safety
“The thing I feel most strongly about is the role of technicians within particularly the research environment, and getting them the recognition they deserve as professionals for the roles they undertake.”

Married with 2 children, ages 19 and 16.


Sudhesh Kumar, Medical School Dean

WMS, link to Senior Management Group
“I am fully engaged in WSG to wholeheartedly promote equality within WMS; my wife and 2 daughters keep me grounded in this endeavour”

Sudhesh's Profile


Debbi Marais, Principal Teaching Fellow

Education and Wellbeing

Debbi's Profile

Debbi Marais

Claire McDonald, Head of Marketing and Communication

WMS Marketing, link to Senior Management Group
“I am a strong advocate of gender equality and as a professional woman actively seek to ensure that women are appropriated represented within the workplace. I am also particularly interested in working to develop a positive, collegiate culture within WMS ensuring that colleagues have opportunities to work and socialise together. As I believe that a happy and engaged workforce are vital for the success of an organisation.”


Dipesh Mistry, Research Fellow

WMS Clinical Trials Unit
Married with one dependent child (aged 2)

d m

Daniel Mitchell, Principal Teaching Fellow

WMS MBChB Med Education

Daniel Mitchell

Sunita Palmer, Project Officer

Deans Office and Professional Support Services, Implementation
“I am a keen advocate, who challenges behaviours and actively promotes equality, diversity and inclusion within my immediate environment and the department.”

Married with one dependent child (aged 6)


Judy Purkis, Senior Teaching Fellow

MBChB Education

Judy Purkis

Paul Sutcliffe, Associate Professor

Populations, Evidence and Technologies, Lead for Disability

Paul's Profile

Paul Sutcliffe

Meera Unnikrishnan, Assistant Professor

Biomedical Science Division
Special interest in school outreach activities.

Married with 2 children, aged 7 and 11.

Meera's Profile


Karl Waldron, Business Support Officer

Clinical Trials Unit, Administration

Married with a newborn.


Early and Mid-Career Researchers Network Leads share attendance at the WSG Meetings

Helen Atherton

Helen Atherton, Assistant Professor

Social Sciences & Systems in Health

Lena Alkhudairy

Lena Alkhudairy, Research Fellow

Populations, Evidence & Technologies

Nabil-Fareed Alikhan

Nabil-Fareed Alikhan, Senior Research Fellow

Microbiology & Infection

MB ChB Administration team share attendance at the WSG Meeting

Anjula Kang

Anjula Kang, Phase I Secretary

MBChB Admin

Emma Sweenie-Fuller

Emma Sweenie-Fuller, Phase II Secretary

MBChB Admin

Michelle Stokes

Michelle Stokes, Phase III Secretary

MBChB Admin