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Andy Metcalfe - Leading Lights

'It takes a village to raise a child’

Trauma and Orthopaedics at UHCW and Warwick CTU have worked in partnership for many years, producing world class research that has already, and will continue to, change practice. This proud culture of research is now recognised world-wide and is the result of a strong community of academics and clinicians across the two units.

As clinicians, we strive to innovate and improve in the care we give, and yet recent scandals have forced us to reconsider how we introduce these treatments safely. New approaches are needed that allow us to provide our patients with the best new technology, without exposing them to harm. We need to produce research that provides the important answers quickly, clearly and safely. To do that we don’t need individuals, we need a village.

In this lecture, Andy will review his own tortuous path into clinical trials and the rich culture of his new home. He will examine the practical need for new research in a practical speciality, especially the introduction of new technology and the challenges of assessing medical devices in lower or middle income countries. The research that is developing in UHCW and Warwick CTU is changing orthopaedic practice, but it relies on the community to raise it.

Professor Andy Metcalfe

Image of Professor Andy Metcalfe

Date: 12 April 2018

Location: UHCW, Clinical Sciences Building, Room 20063/64

Timings: A welcome reception will take place in the upstairs atrium at 11.30am. The lecture will start at 12.00pm.

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