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Denham Lab

Research Focus

The Gram-positive model organism Bacillus subtilis has been used for over half a century as a tool to understand the molecular mechanisms bacteria use to survive. An under-researched aspect of it's biology is that of the regulatory RNAs and the role they play in the different lifestyles (sporulation, competence, surviving stress etc). In 2012 a tiling array study looking at 104 different biological conditions over 1500 RNAs were identified that did not have a protein coding function (Nicolas et al., 2012 Science). In the Denham lab we are currently trying to ascertain the roles that small regulatory RNAs play in conditions such as sporulation, nutrient starvation and general stress. We are also looking at identifying factors that help play a role in sRNA target interaction. We have an interest in developing new tools to help in our studies.



Noreen Murray Development Award



Division of Biomedical Sciences
Microbiology and Infection
Warwick Medical School
University of Warwick

Email e dot l dot denham at warwick dot ac dot uk

Telephone +44 024 76572552

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