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How to join our Group

We're always interested in hearing from motivated candidates and speculative enquiries are welcome. If you wish to join the group please get in touch. Applications from potential postdoctoral and PhD candidates who have their own funding are welcome throughout the year. Email Dr Emma Denham directly e dot l dot denham at warwick dot ac dot uk if you have any questions.

Post-Doctoral Positions

We will advertise when any positions are available. Enquiries from candidates who seek support for external fellowship applications are welcome at any time. Please include a CV, including a full publication list and cover letter, detailing potential funding agencies. Potential sources of funding include EMBO, Marie Curie, University of Warwick.

PhD Projects

PhD positions are available in our group each year and usually start in October. Informal enquires are welcome and encouraged as early as possible. Please include a CV. Please contact Dr Emma Denham as early as possible to register interest in future PhD intakes as there are a number of scholarships available from the University. If you have your own PhD funding please get in touch.

Masters Projects

MASC and MRC DTC students should contact Dr Emma Denham as soon as possible to register interest and to discuss project proposals. We aim to have 1-2 vacancies each year.

Summer Placements

Excellent students (expecting at least a 2:1) should contact Dr Emma Denham to discuss potential projects as soon as possible. Each year we hope to have at least 1-2 vacancies for students (in either year 2 or year 3) to come and work in the labs during summer. Funded places are available from the Society of General Microbiology, Wellcome Trust, etc. but need to apply around the new year. For University of Warwick students applications for funding can be made through the URSS scheme.