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Collaborate with WCTU

The Warwick Clinical Trials Unit specialises in the development and delivery of large multicentre clinical trials to inform clinical practice in the NHS and throughout the world in a variety of clinical fields.

Our portfolio currently includes trials in emergency and critical care, mental health, musculoskeletal disorders, trauma, orthopaedics, rehabilitation and cancer.

We have considerable expertise and experience in cluster randomised trials and trials of complex interventions, as well as systematic reviews, health economic evaluations and methodological research.

WCTU has a multidisciplinary approach with each trial involving a variety of professionals including clinicians, methodologists and specialist administrative staff. We work on a collaborative basis (with members of our academic and research staff as co-applicants, as appropriate).

Initial approaches regarding prospective collaborations may be made either directly to a member of CTU senior academic and research staff (where there is an existing research relationship or a known shared interest) or by submitting a completed Collaboration Request Form to ctucollaborations at warwick dot ac dot uk. Proposal's are then considered at the monthly Business Committee meeting.

In all cases, at the earliest opportunity (as soon as a tentative decision to develop a trial that will require CTU support has been made), a Collaboration Request Form should be submitted. Further details of our 2-stage approvals process is outlined below.

Collaboration requests

The Collaboration Request Form should ideally be submitted to us at least 3 months before the funder's submission deadline. This allows WCTU time to discuss the grant proposal and schedule any work required.

WCTU Collaboration Request form 2017

Business Committee Process - Stage 1

Business Committee Process - Stage 2

Upcoming Business Committee meetings

  • 24 January 2018
  • 26 February 2018
  • 26 March 2018

Conducting a clinical trial

Information and advice on running a clinical trial, from inception to publication.