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Chrystala Constantinidou



Principal Research Fellow


WMS - Microbiology and Infection
University of Warwick
Tel: +44(0)24 7615 0454

Research Interests

I have been a Principal Research Fellow in Microbial Genomics at the University of Warwick at Warwick Medical School since April 2013. My primary interest lies in the exploitation of cutting edge high-throughput technologies in helping us elucidate mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis such as motility. More recently, my studies have focused on clinical epidemiological studies within a hospital setting using high-throughput sequencing technologies.


I completed my undergraduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh USA. In 1989 I moved to the University of Birmingham where I did my PhD with Prof. Harry Smith and Prof. Jeff Cole on the mechanisms of serum induced resistance in Neisseria gonorrhoea. My interest in bacterial pathogenesis continued through a long collaboration with Prof. Charles Penn at Birmingham working on flagella regulation in Campylobacter jejuni and Helicobacter pylori and then using microarrays to study E. coli O157 and other E. coli strains. I have subsequently worked with Prof. Mark Pallen in establishing high-throughput sequencing capability at the University of Birmingham and carrying out clinical epidemiological studies in collaboration with Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Birmingham using instruments such as the Roche 454 Sequencer, Life Technologies PGM Ion Torrent and Illumina MiSeq. In 2013 I moved to Warwick Medical School as a Principal Research Fellow in Microbial Genomics.

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