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Learning from Children's Deaths (Days 4 and 5)

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the purposes and processes of carrying out a review of all childhood deaths in a geographical area along the lines of Working Together
  • Collate and evaluate information on individual deaths to identify avoidable factors
  • Interpret local patterns of death in the light of up to date knowledge of causes and patterns of childhood death
  • Make recommendations for the prevention of childhood deaths;understand different patterns of fatal child maltreatment and violent child deaths
  • Understand how, in their role, they can contribute to a multi-agency investigation of suspicious child deaths
  • Reflect on local learning from Serious Case Reviews in the light of current knowledge of factors contributing to fatal maltreatment

Course Preparation for Days 4 and 5

Participants attending this programme will be sent case study material in advance to read.

Programme Day 4

09.30 Welcome and introduction to the course and recap on overview of child death processes

10.00 Causes of childhood death: Overview

10.45 Coffee Break

11.15 Child Death Overview Panels I: Gathering and using information

11.45 Group work 1: simulated CDOP

12.45 Lunch

13.30 Group work 2: simulated CDOP

14.30 Group feedback

15.00 Tea Break

15.30 Systems review – principles and process

16.30 Close


Programme Day 5

09.30 Fatal child maltreatment: overview

10.15 Investigating suspicious deaths

11.00 Coffee Break

11.15 Group work 3: Learning from Serious Case Reviews

12.15 Group feedback

12.45 Lunch

13.30 Group work 4: making recommendations

14.15 Group feedback

14.45 Tea Break

15.00 Identifying and acting on modifiable factors

15.45 Questions and evaluation

16.30 Close