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What if you could give the public something to smile about? Teeth are vital to our overall health and you could be a key part in maintaining this, whether you use your expertise to create the perfect smile, or focus on treating infection.

Our courses will provide you with tuition from experts in your chosen field so you are able to develop proficiency in your discipline informed by evidence based dentistry.


Our programmes enable you to pursue a flexible education pathway that can be taken over a period suited to indiviudal requirements and circumstances. Designed to provide you with tuition from a wide range of experts in the fields of endodontics, orthodontics and restorative and aesthetic dentistry, these programmes will enable you to develop a proficiency in your discipline informed by evidence-based dentistry.

The courses will also enhance your professional development supporting you to think creatively and independently, to solve problems, to exercise judgement, and to communicate clearly and effectively with your patients and colleagues. You will receive hands-on experience in case assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment and learn how to critically appraise research papers and other specialised publications in each field.

Available Courses

Course Title Type Level Duration
MSc Endodontic Practice Masters Programme Postgraduate 3-5 years part-time
MSc Orthodontics Masters Programme Postgraduate 3-8 years part-time
Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry MSc (not currently recruiting) Masters Programme Postgraduate 3-8 years part-time
Orthodontic Therapy Diploma Undergraduate Level 4 Professional Development 1 year part time