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Diabetes management in practice (clinical observation)

This module aims to expose students to management of diabetes in a range of areas within the UK health service and requires them to critically reflect upon diabetes management and the application of theory to practice.

The course will encourage students to:

  • identify individual learning objectives for clinical observations and critically evaluate own personal learning outcomes.
  • critically analyse current research evidence and provide evidence based appraisal of observed practice.
  • critically reflect on personal learning and the need to develop practice skills, and show a critical awareness of their application to the clinical environment.
  • critically analyse and discuss how theoretical concepts are adapted and applied to clinical practice in the management of people living with diabetes.
  • justify anticipated clinical outcomes in relation to the clinical management plan for a patient with diabetes and other co- morbidities.
  • evaluate the key theoretical concepts related to the use of current technology in the administration of insulin.

Key Facts


Bhupinder Kaur

Tel: 02476 150674


Dr Vinod Patel / Dr Paul O'Hare

Duration: 16 weeks (part time)

Attendance: On site and in clinic

4,000 word critical reflection based on one external/observation visit and one specific aspect of diabetes care / management.

CATS: 20

Code: MD995

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