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Public Health


The Masters in Public Health (MPH) course is an interdisciplinary degree, drawing upon expertise across a wide range of subject areas and seeks to explore the complexity of Public Health issues in the UK and internationally.

The course aims to provide relevant qualifications to meet national and international needs for a skilled public health workforce and to prepare students for further academic study with a view to academic careers.

The course provides students with the opportunity to develop and demonstrate systematic knowledge and understanding in a wide range of public health areas.

This is reinforced with the optional modules offered on the course, allowing students to pursue their own health-related interests.

Overall, the course aims to provide a focused learning experience, suitable for full- and part-time, UK and international students in a stimulating research-led teaching environment.

harindi.jpgCase Study

Harindi Bhagya

I would recommend the MPH to students who have an interest in aspects of public health. There are many possibilities in terms of careers following the course. There are a number of career routes available.

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rebecca_crosby.jpegCase Study

Rebecca Crosby

I would recommend the course to a lot of people, I personally had a good experience with it. I liked the fact alongside a few compulsory modules you could choose from a wide range of options to complement previous research/topic knowledge or to expand your learning further.

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saranCase Study

Saran Shantikumar

The MPH programme at WMS will give you the confidence to become a competent and valuable public health practitioner.

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Who is the course for?

The course is particularly aimed at people currently involved in the practice of aspects of public health, people seeking membership of the UK Faculty of Public Health, people working in health promotion and those interested in pursuing academic careers within public health.

Course structure

Part time structure

At the start of Year 1, students choose to pursue route 1 or route 2. The route they choose is then continued into Year 2.

  Route 1 Route 2
Year 1 (Postgraduate Certificate) Three Core Modules (60 CATS)
(For details of modules see box below)

Two Core Modules and One Option Module (60 CATS)
(For details of modules see box below)

  Route 1 Route 2

Year 2

(Postgraduate Diploma)

Remaining One Core Module and Two Option Modules (60 CATS) Remaining Two Core Modules and One Option Module (60 CATS)


Year 3 (MSc)

Professional Project (40 CATS) and One Option Module (20 CATS)


Dissertation (60 CATS): To take this option you must have completed Epidemiology and Statistics (core module) or Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Healthcare (option module) with a grade >60%

Full Time Structure (1 year):

Route 1

Four Core Modules (80 CATS)

Three Option Modules (60 CATS)

Professional Project (40 CATS)

Route 2

Four Core Modules (80 CATS)

Two Option Modules (40 CATS)

Dissertation (60 CATS): To continue to the Dissertation you must have completed Epidemiology and Statistics (core module) OR Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Healthcare (option module) with a grade >60%

  Module List

Module name CATS Core/Option Pre-requisite modules Date
MH900 Epidemiology and Statistics 20 Core N/A TBD
Disease Prevention and Health Protection (previously called 'Practice of Public Health') 20 Core N/A TBD
Health Improvement and Management for Public Health (previously called 'Issues in Public Health') 20 Core N/A TBD
MH903 Sociology of Health, Health Policy and the Social Determinants of Health 20 Core N/A TBD
MH933 Health Screening 20 Option N/A TBD
MD913 Design, Analysis and Interpretation Epidemiology Research 20 Option Epidemiology and Statistics TBD
MH910 International Health Policy 20 Option N/A TBD
MD990 Introduction to Health Economics for Non–Health Economists 20 Option N/A TBD
MH930 Qualitative Research Methods in Health 20 Option N/A TBD
MH928 Introduction to Management in Health Service Organisations 20 Option N/A TBD
MH923 Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Healthcare (UReCA) 20 Option N/A TBD
MD915 Understanding Research and Critical Appraisal in Healthcare (Distance Learning)  20 Option N/A TBD
Global Health 20 Option N/A TBD
MD90A Pathways to the Public Health Workplace 20 Option N/A TBD
MH940 Improving Safety and Quality in Healthcare 20 Option N/A TBD
PC950 Professional Project 40 Optional Core N/A TBD
ME914 Dissertation 60 Optional Core Epidemiology and Statistics OR UReCA TBD

Entry requirements

We welcome applications from graduates with a good honours degree, or equivalent qualification, in an appropriate subject. We also consider candidates with other relevant qualifications and individuals with a minimum of three years work experience.

All applicants require experience within the public health field, either paid or voluntary, ideally for 3 years.

Those without formal qualifications need to demonstrate relevant work experience and the ability to study at postgraduate level.

International students will also be required to show sufficient competence in English (IELTS 6.5 overall with 6.5 in the reading and writing components and no component below 6).

Teaching methods

Teaching is generally organised within one week intensive study blocks. Teaching methods include lectures, seminar and group work, and students will have opportunity to draw on their academic and work experience.

Parts of the course are taught by visiting or guest clinical or academic lecturers.


Assessment for each module can be seen by looking at the relevant module page but typically consists of written essays of 4,000 words each. The Professional Project is assessed by 4,000 word project report, an oral presentation and poster presentation.

Student opinions:

Having got onto the UK public health training scheme I opted to do my MPH at Warwick Medical School due to the University’s excellent reputation and varied research interests of the academic staff at the medical school. The MPH was intellectually stimulating and provided an opportunity to meet other physicians and professionals with interests in public health from around the world, and build a network that I continue to interact with both professionally and socially. It provided a strong basis for my career in public health medicine, and excelled in providing the knowledge across the different domains of public health which I use in my daily practice.
Dr Daniel Todkill, MBChB, MPH, BSc (hons)
Speciality Registrar in Public Health Medicine,
West Midlands Deanery

Key Facts


Jas Kaur, Dolores Towers

Course Director: Wendy Robertson

Qualifications: MPH, PGCert, PGDip or PGA


MSc Full time: 1 year

MSc Part time: 1-3 years

Location of Study: University of Warwick

How to Apply