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New Starters


James Mawson

Hi, my name is James Mawson and I joined the team on the 1st of July as a Core Technical assistant in the department of Chemistry. I am not your typical chemist as I have a Bsc and an Msc in palaeontology, but I realised after completing my last degree that Chemistry is ever present and I wished to learn more about it and work in the field if possible. Since starting my job here I’ve enjoyed working in the laboratory, as I always have done, and wish to continue to do so. In the past I have worked in several other laboratory environments, where I most recently worked in a somewhat less delicate soil laboratory that included the breaking of rocks to test their structural rigidity for development projects like HS2. I much prefer the environment here already and enjoy the tasks I have been set up to do.

In my down time I enjoy reading sci-fi and fantasy novels such as Dune by Frank Herbert or any of Terry Pratchett’s books. I also enjoy painting miniatures while listening to programmes in the background. I tend to watch quite light-hearted comedies and a lot of YouTube videos. My other hobby is playing a card game with my friends while at the pub, which is very relaxing!

If you want to bob by for a chat, or need a hand with any work while in the lab I should be floating around between the 3rd and 4th Floor teaching labs, and I will always be happy to help!

Started July 2019


Jinlian Zhao

Hi, my name is Jinlian Zhao and I have just joined the Department of Chemistry as a Research Fellow in Greg Challis group. I completed my PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Strathclyde in 2014, and then moved to China to work at Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College. In 2018, I came back to the UK to work on Natural Products Discovery (from heterologously-expressed biosynthetic gene clusters), as a postdoc at School of Chemistry, University of St. Andrews. Here at Warwick, I will be working on Natural Products Biosynthesis.

I really love science and have great interest in isolation, purification and structural characterization of bioactive secondary metabolites from plants/microorganisms. Outside the lab I enjoy watching entertainment programmes and listening to music, which can make me relax totally from research work. I also enjoy talking with friends and travelling around.

My office is B109 and I work in the lab B110. Please feel free to come by and say hi.

Started June 2019

David Capper

David Capper

Hi, my name is David Capper and I have just joined the Department of Chemistry as an Administrative Assistant. I am brand new to the University of Warwick, having previously worked as an administrator for the Warwickshire Youth Justice Service, and I am very much looking forward to the new challenges and experiences my new role will offer me.

In my free time I love cooking, especially Italian food, as well as reading more or less anything and listening to music. I also enjoy history, and am currently attempting to get into gardening, although I’m still managing to kill everything I touch at the moment!

I am in room C509 on the fifth floor, so feel free to come by and say hello!

Started April 2019

Jade Barrett

Jade Barrett

Hi, my name is Jade Barrett and I have recently joined Chemistry as an Administrative Assistant. I’ve worked at the University since 2015 supporting UG and PG courses in student focused offices so I am excited do something different now in my new role.

In my free time I enjoy baking (and eating) cakes, trying to balance out my sweet tooth in the gym and socialising with my friends and family. I love the summer and I’m at my happiest on a sunny day, particularly if I’m on a beach somewhere!

I am based in room C509 on the fifth floor if you want to pop in and say hi!

Started April 2019


Marcio Dias

Hi! My name is Marcio. I joined the Department of Chemistry as an Assistant Professor in Biomolecular structure (Structural biology) at the end of March. I completed my PhD in Molecular Biophysics at The University of State of São (2007). In 2007, I moved to the UK to work as a Postdoc at the University of Cambridge and was there until 2011. I then moved back to Brazil to start my own research group and in 2014, I was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Microbiology at the University of São Paulo.

I also have a fantastic team of researchers at the Department of Microbiology (Institute of Biomedical Science), in Brazil, and hope some of them will visit Warwick in the future. Here at Warwick, I will be working on proteins from Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Natural Products Biosynthesis using Structural Biology.

I love science and play software (as games) when solving structures. I really appreciate the beauty of protein structures and peculiarities involved in their mechanisms. I also like to sit in a pub and talk with friends and taste different foods. When I am alone, I like to see films and read a good book.

My office is 519, please feel free to come over to say hello! If you wish you also can follow my group news on @MarcioDiasgroup

Started April 2019


Xinyun Jian

Hi, I am Xinyun Jian. I have just become a postdoc in the Challis group where I finished the PhD study recently. I have been and will continue to work on the discovery, biosynthesis and engineering of microbial natural products which have promising bioactivity.

Outside of lab I enjoy cooking, love plants and traveling around. Recently, I started to get interested in bouldering as well.

My office is B109 and I also work in the lab B 110. Please feel free to come to say hi.

Started January 2019


Jitka Pracharova

Hi, my name is Jitka Pracharova. I’m from Czech Republic and just recently joined the Sadler group as a visiting research fellow.

I completed my PhD aimed at the role of DNA modifications by metal complexes in cancer therapy in 2013. Currently, I work as a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Biophysics, Centre of the Region Hana for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, Palacky University in Olomouc. The main purpose of my work is to study mechanism of anticancer activity of conventional metallodrugs and also of newly developed metal based compounds at the molecular and cellular levels. I also participate in teaching at the Department of Biophysics. The supervision of students working on their diploma thesis in the field of biophysics belongs to a significant parts of my job.

Outside the lab I enjoy traveling and canoeing! I also love kynology and animals in general.

My office is C409 at the Department of Chemistry. Please feel free to talk to me!

Started January 2019


Remzi Becer

Hi again! I’m Remzi Becer and joining Warwick Chemistry as an Assistant Professor in Sustainable Polymer Chemistry from January 2019. I have completed my PhD in Eindhoven (2009) and worked at Warwick Chemistry as a Marie Curie Fellow and then Science City Fellow from 2009-2013. Then, I moved to Queen Mary University of London as a Senior Lecturer in Material Science (2013-2018) and set up the Polymer Chemistry Laboratory. By January 2019, we will be moving our laboratory to Warwick and 4 of my PhD students will be joining as well.

I like science in general, history of knowledge and data storage, spending time with my students, and playing squash/football/basketball.

Becer Research Group will be located on the third floor labs and please come and say hi to us either in the lab or in my office C502. You can also follow us on Twitter @remzibecer or from our group webpage

Started January 2019


Sam Walton

Hello my name is Sam, you probably all know who I am already but if not my Administrative Assistant position has been made permanent so you are stuck with me!

I have had a varied work life starting with dancing on cruise ships going through working in hospitality and tourism and finally ending up in Education. I have enjoyed most of my jobs and am thoroughly enjoying working here at UoW.

Outside of work I enjoy food! I like cooking and baking and enjoy going to restaurants and trying new recipes etc, so you can imagine I am in heaven working in an office with Dianne and all her fabulous bakes. I also perform with Three Spires Guildhall which is an amateur Musical Society. This has allowed to continue performing and also create some great friendships.

I am located in room C509 on the fifth floor if you wanted to come and say hello, or just grab some sweets, be warned though I can certainly chat a lot!

Started December 2018