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CH982 - Polymer Processing and Nanocomposites


The module is an intensive 2 week taught course that is supported by laboratory work. A laboratory class forms the assessed work component of this module (25%).This module runs in Term 2.


This module aims to introduce the concepts of nanocomposites, processing and expand students' knowledge in the characterization of bulk/solid phase polymer materials. This will be put in the context of both commodity and non-commodity materials, widely used in the polymer (and other) industries. The ability to characterise polymers/composites and link this to their observable properties is crucial, and this module will cover many advanced aspects of this. In particular, diffraction and scattering techniques and how polymer physical properties affect their processibility. Students will be given the chance to obtain real data in the laboratories and link this to the lecture material. Topics covered will include; Commodity and non-commodity polymers and their properties: polymer extrusion; polymer nanocomposites; advanced characterisation by electron microscopy, diffraction techniques, thermal analysis and mechanical testing.