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Polymer MSc Project Information


The call for project proposals will go out to academics from Chemistry, Physics, WMS, Life Sciences, Statistics, WMG and Engineering around the end of December. Proposals will be submitted at the end of January. Students will be advised about the projects on offer around mid February and will need to make selection by mid March. A tutor meeting with the course director at the start of March will be scheduled with each student to discuss the options.

Project Assessment

  • Thesis (ca. 10,000 words) 70%
  • Oral presentation 20%
  • Practical performance 10%

Dates for 2018:

Students are advised that mini project deadlines are very strict and penalties will be imposed for late submission. 1 weeks extension for deadlines can be requested for annual leave.

Once your project has been confirmed:


Please make contact with your supervisor as soon as possible to make sure they are aware of the date you are starting and to expect you on the first day of the project! It could be that they are away on holiday or at a conference during the first week but they should make other arrangements to enable you to make a start.


If you are due to visit an industrial partner as part of the project please let us know. We can assist with travel and accommodation if needed and we will need to know if you are going to be away from campus during this time.


If you project/s are not based in the Chemistry department then the department concerned will have been notified that you are coming. If you have any problems with access or getting equipment that you need please contact your supervisor in the first instance but let us know if you are having problems.

Student Meetings

Student meetings with the course director will take place fortnightly rather than weekly. If you have an issue in the meantime you can make an appointment to see him.


Your budget for the project is £450 - there is no overdraft facility!

You will be issued with a Chemistry Stores code which can be used to make purchases from Chemistry Stores only

Annual Leave

If you would like to take 1-2 weeks off during the time you are allowed to - please make sure your supervisor agrees the dates and then let us know by completing the absence form.