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Apply for RSC Funds

Application Deadline 27th November 2020

PSoC has been asked to facilitate the distribution of funds allocated to the Department of Chemistry by the RSC, to a total of £8000. These funds are intended "for researcher enablement and researcher development in the chemical sciences in 2020". We would like to invite applications from PhD students, Research Assistants, Postdoctoral Research Associates and other Early Career Researchers, and will ensure that all will have an equal opportunity to recieve some funding.

Below are some suggestions for which to apply for funding (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • Home office equipment to facilitate continued research activities from home – in particular in those instances where personal health is at risk from substandard office equipment.
  • Teaching resources / computer hardware – e.g. to deliver online teaching, for handling large datasets from home etc.
  • Attending online workshops/webinars/courses aimed at personal and career development. Some examples might include courses for things such as python programming from udemy, – or if you want to run a webinar for the department and this funding can help, then please do apply!
  • Software required to work from home.
  • Online conference fees – particularly those aimed at an early career audience.

Conversely, the following are examples of what will not be funded (again, this should not be considered an exhaustive list):

  • Researcher salaries or stipends
  • Consumables for experiments
  • Publication costs

For examples of what has been approved in the first round of funding, please see the first round report. Due to the developing situation regarding Covid19, and after discussions with the department exec, we will not be able to accept applications for regular commuting costs in this round.


Any purchase being made through these funds will need to go through the usual purchasing procedures. In the case of equipment for your home, the university has issued guidelines regarding this which can be found here. In short, the current limit for home delivery is £100. Any purchase higher than that will need either to be delivered to stores, or a case made to have it delivered to a private address.

Software will need to be approved via the usual routes, for which ChemFinance should be contacted (

For online workshops and conferences, any amount can be claimed as this does not require any delivery. Denise has access to the department credit card and so she should be contacted to arrange payment for such events, as would normally be the case.

Please make sure you include the costs of going through an Opera approved supplier. We cannot make purchases through non-approved vendors such as Amazon, local stores, etc...

It should be understood that these funds belong to the department and so any items purchased will also belong to the department and must be primarily for use in departmental business such as teaching and research, and said items will need to be returned to the department when your studies/contract ends.

If applicants are unsure of whether their requirement falls under this funding scheme, they are encouraged to email and ask any questions they might have.

No application will be too small – we actively encourage applications for small sums as we wish to distribute these funds as widely as possible to aid as many researchers as possible. A cap of £500 on applications is suggested, but if a good case can be made, where there is good value for money and the research/development enabled is clear, then we will consider larger applications. If in doubt, please ask!

This form is closed and is no longer accepting any submissions. Thank you for your time.

Upcoming Events

Departmental Seminar 29th October Celebrating Warwick Chemistry in Black History Month

Join some of our fantastic researchers to celebrate the contribution of the Black community to chemistry at Warwick and hear about the exciting initiatives we have coming up in the near future.

October 29th 2020 at 2 pm

Presentations include:

Tosin Abiola: Unravelling the photochemistry of a nature-inspired UV-filter using ultrafast spectroscopy

Maria Kariuki: Exploring Identity - from supramolecular assemblies to being Black in STEM

Segun Wahab: Nanoscale electrochemical imaging of electrocatalysts for green energy applications

ECR Career Development online workshops

PSoC will be hosting a series of workshops delivered by Sandy Sparks focused on Career Development. The first will be on 18th June at 11 am, and will be about developing a career road map. Click for more details and sign up here!

Angela Saini Q&A: Friday 12th June 10 am

Warwick ChemSoc will be hosting an online Q&A with award-winning author and journalist Angela Saini.

How Racism Pervades Science, Medicine, and Academia.

Friday 12th June 10 am

Please follow the link here to join!

RSC Grant Awarded to PSoC

PSoC have been awarded a grant from the Royal Society of Chemistry's Inclusion and Diversity Fund to run a series of seminars in relation to 'Breaking Barriers', to highlight and celebrate diversity in the workplace.
Watch this space for a full itinerary.  


Join us for tea/coffee and free biscuits!

Event: Tea-Tuesday

Room: C523 (5th floor common room)

Date: Tuesday, August 6th 2019

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am