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How to apply

Apply online

Please note the information below is based on the University Application Process however has been adapted to the needs of Chemistry Applicants. Further information is available here.

The online application form, and information on how to apply, is available here.

  • Please enusre you select the correct course code.

    PhD in Chemistry


    The standard period of registration is four years however your funding may be for less than this, depending on the funding scheme.

    Most applicants would apply for this course, including applicants for advertised DTA studentships, Warwick Chancellors Scholarships and industrially-funded studentships.

    PhD in Chemistry with Industrial Collaboration



    The standard period of registration is four years however your funding may be for less than this, depending on the funding scheme.

    The PhD with Industrial Collaboration is conducted in close collaboration with an industrial co-funder and should only be selected after consultation with a prospective supervisor to ensure that funding is already in place to support you.

    MSc by Research


    One year

    Visiting Researcher


    Maximum 12 months

  • If you are applying for a research degree, please let us know on the form what area of research you are interested in and/or which research groups you would like to join. It is not necessary to submit a research proposal at this stage. You can work on that together with your chosen supervisor. An exception is if you wish to apply for Chancellors International Scholarship (CIS) funding, in which case a proposal must be submitted as part of the application.
  • Please make sure you state your research area and any academic you would like to work with in the first paragraph of the additional information/reason for study section. We shall distribute your application, once received, to the members of staff you have listed. If you do not name any academics then we will not be able to process your application any further.
  • Please feel free to contact any of the academic staff listed on our directory pages to discuss potential project areas.
  • After completing the form, your referees will automatically be sent a request for a reference. It is therefore critically important that their email address is correct. You can also download reference forms to pass on to your referees. If paper references are submitted then signed references on headed notepaper are required from the institution to which your referees belong.
  • You will also need to submit original transcripts from your undergraduate degree(s) (or officially certified copies thereof). In addition, if your first language is not English, you will also need to submit evidence of your competency in English (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent required, with the possibility of pre-sessional language training if required. Cambridge or similar qualifications are not sufficient).
  • Provided your references are satisfactory, and if you are a UK applicant, you will be invited for interview. You will be able to look around the Department and meet potential research supervisors in your general area of interest. Overseas applicants will be judged on a combination of references, examination transcripts, English attainment and experience.
  • Provided that your interview is satisfactory, you will receive an offer of a place.
  • Normally, this will take effect from the following October. However, the actual starting date can be flexible.
  • To take up an offer of a place, the necessary funding must be obtained. The offer of a place to study for a PhD at Warwick is made only on the basis of academic ability and does not come with automatic funding associated with it. Funding can be obtained from a number of sources including departmental and university scholarships, an external scholarship or funding provided directly by your supervisor. Please see our page on funding for more information.
  • For candidates yet to graduate, offers of studentships are dependent on them obtaining at least a 2.1 degree for a PhD course, or a 2.2 degree for an MSc by research. Similar criteria apply to overseas students.
  • The University offers pre-sessional language training support, which also allows you to get used to the campus, learn about the UK Higher Education system and the way we do things here. For more information see the Pre-sessional Course pages of the Centre for Applied Linguistics.

Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Department of Chemistry

University of Warwick Coventry


Tel: +44 (24) 7652 2808

Fax: +44 (24) 7652 4112



Send Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents CAN be sent electronically in the early stages of application.
If you submit supporting documents electronically you MUST submit original paper copies if you recieve an offer. If you do not submit paper copies later, your offer is invalid.