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Dan Warr wins departmental Art and Photography competition 2015

Dan Warr (PhD student, Costantini group) is this year's winner of our Art and Photography Competition with his entry "Molecular triangles" - well done!

Dan's own description of his beautiful STM image is as follows:

"Concentric triangles formed by an amino acid.

Molecules of phenylalanine were evaporated onto a gold surface and imaged by scanning tunneling microscopy. The image is 100nm x 100nm and individual molecules can be seen as individual dots. Symmetries are observed everywhere in nature. This is a great example of how the atomic symmetry of the underlying surface can template the supramolecular assembly of small molecules."

Molecular triangles by Dan Warr

Molecular triangles by Dan Warr

The runners-up in the competition were Haytham Hussein and Anne Hollingsworth - their entries are also shown below.

Blue moon

Blue Moon by Anne Hollingsworth

Haytham Hussein

Chemistry is innovation by Haytham Hussein

All of this year's winning and runner-up entries will eventually be displayed around the Department of Chemistry.