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Jones group publish on spray deposited PEDOT:PSS for ITO-free OPV devices

The Tim Jones group publish work in Applied Physics Letters on replacing ITO with solution processed highly conductive PEDOT:PSS for ITO-free small molecule OPV devices.

The publication demonstrates that a solution processed PEDOT:PSS electrode can provide a potential alternative to the more generally used ITO electrode in OPV devices. Two different solution processing techniques were investigated. Spin coating which is regarded as a standard laboratory technique was compared to spray deposition, a process which more readily lends itself to more rapid and larger area processing. CuPc/C60 OPV devices utilising a spray deposited PEDOT:PSS electrode were shown to have favourable device performance when compared to devices fabricated on an ITO electrode highlighting the potential application spray deposition has in low cost large area OPV device fabrication.

Link to article.

PEDOT:PSS Electrodes