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Listed below are the current Postgraduate Opportunities available within the Department of Chemistry.


Using Fragment-based Drug Discovery (FBDD) to identify selective inhibitors against folate pathway enzymes from pathogenic microorganisms

Funded PhD studentships available in the Warwick Centre for Doctoral Training in Analytical Sciences (multiple places available)

Synthesis of functional polymers from sustainable resources

Nanoscale Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Imaging - SEVERAL POSITIONS

Developing A Solvothermal Reaction Cell for in situ Neutron Scattering of Crystallisation

Glycan-Functionalised Nanoparticles - MIG  

Biophysical Studies of Protein-Glyconanoparticle Interactions - MIG  


Computational characterisation of donor-acceptor polymer properties for solar cell applications - RM  

Machine Learning for Materials Science - CORSICA: Navigating at will the siliCOn-caRbon phaSe dIagram via maChine leArning - GSosso  

Hybrid polymer colloids for advanced industrial applications - SAFB  

Peptide - polymer conjugates for drug delivery - SP  

Stimulus-responsive guest binding in coordination cages - MWard  

New functional oxide materials for catalysis - RIW  

Supramolecular assemblies based on coordination cages - MDW  

New Polymers for Biomedical Applications - MIG  

Understanding Microscopic Mechanisms in Functional Materials - MSenn  

Chemical biology tools for the characterisation and the exploitation of biosynthetic pathways leading to novel antibiotics - MT  

Organometallic chemistry in a confined space - ABC  

Understanding Metal Corrosion Inhibitor Interface Interactions - GCo  

Ice Formation in Soft and Biological Matter - GCS  

Quantum simulation of light-induced chemistry and electronic friction - RJM (PDF Document)

Listed below are examples of previous Postgraduate Opportunities within the Department of Chemistry which have been filled:

Organometallic chemistry of mechanically interlocked transition metal complexes - ABC (PDF Document) CLOSED

Photophysical properties of supramolecular assemblies based on coordination cages 310717 - MWard (PDF Document) CLOSED

Synthetic Organic and Organometallic Chemistry - MW.pdf (PDF Document) CLOSED

Correlative Electrochemical Microscopy of Engineering Alloys - PRU.pdf (PDF Document) CLOSED

Learning from Plants Novel Synthetic Chlorophyll Derivatives and Application to Affordable Renewable 3D Printing Sponsored by Photocentric Ltd - AJC (PDF Document) CLOSED

Polymer and Colloid Chemical Engineering Studentship - SAFB (PDF Document) CLOSED

Structure and Design of Cyclic Peptides for Drug Development - AMD & RN (PDF Document) CLOSED


Ultrafast spectroscopy of ultraviolet radiation filter molecules - VS (PDF Document) CLOSED

Functional and structural characterization of glycosyltransferases involved in bacterial mannosylation - MT (PDF Document) CLOSED

Photophysical properties of supramolecular assemblies based on coordination cages - MWard (PDF Document) CLOSED

Macrocyclic Peptides Made Easy - AMD & RN (PDF Document) CLOSED

Probing energy flow in sunscreen filter molecules - VS (PDF Document) CLOSED

Responsive Magnetic Nanoparticle Based Protein Purification - GLD (PDF Document) CLOSED

Chemical biology tools for the generation of unnatural products - MT (PDF Document) CLOSED

Organometallic anticancer complexes - PJS (PDF Document) CLOSED

Sustainable 3D-Printing using Chlorophyll. Sponsored by Photocentric Ltd. - AJC (PDF Document) CLOSED

Understanding the Microscopic Mechanisms in Functional Materials - MSENN (PDF Document) CLOSED

Computer Aided Materials Discovery - AT (PDF Document) CLOSED

Organometallic chemistry of transition metals in unusual oxidation states - ABC (PDF Document) CLOSED

Polymer synthesis and self-assembly - APD (PDF Document) CLOSED

Synthesis of novel biomimetic polymers and their subsequent self-assembly - RKOR (PDF Document) CLOSED

PhD and MSc places for academic year 2016/17(PDF Document)

PhD Studentship sponsored by Photocentric Ltd and the EPSRC CDT in Polymer Chemistry - AJC (PDF Document)

Renewable polyesters and polyurethanes for coating and elastomeric applications - AJC (PDF Document)

Polymer and Colloid Chemical Engineering Studentship - SAFB (PDF Document)

Warwick Collaborative Postgraduate Research Scholarship (WCPRS) - Professor Peter Sadler & Dr Paul Quinn (PDF Document)

Understanding and Exploiting Antifreeze Proteins using Synthetic Biology - MIG (PDF Document)

Understanding the Formation of Functional Oxide Materials - RIW (PDF Document)


Organometallic chemistry of mechanically interlocked transition metal complex (PDF Document)


Synthetic tools for the sustainable generation of novel natural products - MT (PDF Document)

Living Radical Polymerization - SP (PDF Document)

Synthesis of Functional Polymers from Sustainable Resources - APD (PDF Document)

Organometallic chemistry of macrocyclic pincer complexes - ABC (PDF Document)

Antifreeze GlycoProtein Mimetic Polymers - MIG (PDF Document)

Responsive Nanoparticle Platforms for Enrichment of Therapeutically Relevant Proteins - MIG & GLD (PDF Document)

Design and Synthesis of DNA-polymer Conjugates and their Self-Assembly - RKOR (PDF Document) 

The Synthesis of Sequence Defined Polymers using Living Polymerisation Methods and their Subsequent Self-Assembly - RKOR (PDF Document)

Theoretical Modelling of Electron and Energy Transfer - AT (PDF Document)


Understanding metal transfer in zinc homeostasis: exploring the reactivity of protein-bound metal ions in experiment and molecular simulations (PDF Document) Dr Claudia Blindauer

A novel role for bacterial metallothioneins: protection against oxidative stress (PDF Document) Dr Claudia Blindauer

Zinc regulatory networks and metallomics in marine cyanobacteria (PDF Document) Dr Clauida Blindauer

Living Radical Polymerization - Professor S�bastien Perrier - OPEN

Investigating the catalytic potential of a unique aromatic nitration enzyme - Professor Greg Challis - OPEN

Probing antibody/epitope interactions using NMR spectroscopy - Dr Ann Dixon OPEN

Asymmetric catalysis using iron and ruthenium complexes - in collaboration with AstraZeneca Professor Martin Wills - CLOSED

Functional Nanostructured Polymeric Materials (PDF Document) Professor S�bastien Perrier -FILLED

Visualising Supramolecular Assembly by Preparative Mass Spectrometry (PDF Document) Dr Giovanni Costantini

Functional Supramolecular Self-assembly at Surfaces (PDF Document) Dr Giovanni Costantini - STILL OPEN

Extreme Performance Mass Spectrometry of Metallodrugs (PDF Document) Professor Peter Sadler FRS & Professor Peter O’Connor

Theory of electron transfer at interface and application to solar cell design  (PDF Document) Professor Alessandro Troisi

Green elastomeric nanocomposites for transportation vehicles (PDF Document) Dr Chaoying Wan (Warwick Manufacturing Group) and Professor David Haddleton

Synthesis of Functional Polymers from Sustainable Resources (PDF Document) Dr Andrew Dove - FILLED

Exploiting genomics and biosynthetic assembly line enzymology for discovery and optimisation of novel agrochemicals (PDF Document) Professor Greg Challis - FILLED

Single electron transfer living radical polymerisation in polar media (PDF Document) Professor D M Haddleton

Quantum dynamics in condensed-phase systems(PDF Document) Dr Scott Habershon - FILLED

Novel Biomaterials for Improving Human Health (PDF Document) Dr Matthew Gibson - FILLED

Functional polymeric nanostructures (PDF Document) Dr Rachel O'Reilly


Integrated Magnetic Resonance-Developing Solid-State NMR Methods for Probing Structure and Dynamics of Proteins(PDF Document) Dr J�zef Lewandowski

Electronics and Instrumentation Development for Two Dimensional FTICR Mass Spectrometry(PDF Document) Professor Peter O’Connor

Polymer modification by living radical polymerisation (PDF Document) Professor David Haddleton

Extreme Performance Mass Spectrometry of Metallodrugs (PDF Document) Professor Peter Sadler FRS & Professor Peter O’Connor

Modelling the lipid layers of the human skin barrier (PDF Document) Dr Rebecca Notman

Responsive Chromic Polymer Coatings (PDF Document) A.F. Bon

Functional polymeric nanostructures (PDF Document) Dr Rachel O'Reilly

High Efficiency Multi-Junction Organic Solar Cells (PDF Document) Professor Tim Jones

Synthesis of Functional Biodegradable Polymers for Biomaterials Application (PDF Document) Dr Andrew P Dove

Analogues of lipid-linked intermediates I and II for studies of peptidoglycan biosynthesis enzymes (PDF Document) Professor Timothy Bugg

Theory of electron transfer at interface and application to solar cell design (PDF Document) Professor Alessandro Troisi

Supramolecular approaches to the transition metal mediated activation of alkanes (PDF Document) Dr Adrian Chaplin