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Zoe Mycroft


Zoe graduated from the University of Cambridge with a BA and MSci (Hons) in Natural Sciences with a specialisation in biochemistry. During this time Zoe studied the differential regulation of proteins in Pseudomonas aeruginosa when growing as biofilms, colonies and in culture. Her MSci project focused on investigating the effect of specific genes identified in Salmonella typhimurium as potentially involved in pathogenesis. More recently Zoe was awarded a PhD from Reading University where she investigated the secretion and assembly of the F1 antigen of Yersinia pestis, focusing on the role of the Caf1A outer membrane usher protein with Dr Sheila MacIntytre. During her PhD Zoe spent some time at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala after being awarded a grant from the Society for general microbiology. Zoe enjoys reading, traveling and running a Brownie group. Zoe's current research is focused on genetic manipulation of Rhodococcus jostii to produce small molecules that could potentially be used to construct plastics.

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