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Chemical Biology Cluster Meetings

Event Information

Location: Virtual Meeting - MS Teams Invite Only.

Time: 13:00 - 14:00 (INTERNAL: 2 x 20min Talks, EXTERNAL: 1 x 40min Talk)

9-Week Term 2 Schedule: 2nd Feb - 30th Mar 2021

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Tues 2nd Feb

Ruben Tomás (Gibson Group)
'Advancing Chemotherapeutic Macromolecules using Metabolic Oligosaccharide Engineering'

Tues 9th Feb


Tues 16th Feb

Hadyn Parker (Fullam Group)
'Asymmetric Trehalose Analogues to Probe Disaccharide Processing Pathways in Mycobacteria'

Scott Andrew (Tosin Group)
'Investigation of Polyprenyl Phosphomannose Synthases as Biocatalysts'

Tues 23rd Feb

Awatif Alruwaili (Bugg Group)

Tues 2nd Mar

Allister Crow (School of Life Sciences, Warwick - Website)
'Structural Biology of the Type VII ABC Transporters'

Tues 9th Mar


Tues 16th Mar

Ioanna Nakou (Challis and Jenner Groups)

Jinfan Zhang (Alberti Group)

Tues 23rd Mar


Tues 30th Mar

Xinyun Jian (Challis Group)


Tues 6th Oct

Shanshan Zhou (Challis Group/Erebagen Ltd)
'Structural basis for control of antibiotic production by a bacterial hormone'

Eleanor Jayawant (Dixon/Notman Groups)
'Combined Molecular Dynamics and Experimental Approach to Understand the Impact of the Oxetane Modification on Peptides'

Tues 13th Oct

Dr. Elizabeth Skellam (Group Leader, University of North Texas - Website)
'Deconstructing pyrichalasin H biosynthesis to reconstruct non-natural analogues with useful applications'

Tues 20th Oct

Ryan Packer (Tosin Group)
'Polyprenyl-dependent glycosylation pathways for the development of novel therapeutics'

Tues 27th Oct

Professor Syma Khalid (Group Leader, University of Southampton - Website)
'Progress towards a virtual bacterial cell envelope'

Tues 3rd Nov

Owen Vickery (Stansfeld Group)
'CG2AT2: Recovering atomistic details from coarse grain simulations'

Doug Roberts (CSO, Erebagen Ltd)
'Commercialisation of Academic Research'

Tues 10th Nov

Duha Alkhder (Alberti Group)
''Dissecting the mechanism of action of 3,5-Dihydroxy-4-isopropyl-trans-stilbene (IPS)'

Tues 17th Nov

Dr. Rebecca Beveridge (Group Leader, University of Strathclyde - Website)
'Ion mobility mass spectrometry insights into dynamic protein complexes and conformations'

Tues 24th Nov

Prof. Andrew Lawrence (Group Leader, University of Edinburgh - Website)
'Development of a Unified Biomimetic Synthesis of the Brevianamide Alkaloids'

Tues 1st Dec

Mussa Quareshy (Chen Group, SLS)
'A new Rieske assessment: Structural and biochemical characterization of a unique Rieske oxygenase CntA

Muralidharan Shanmugam (Group Leader, MIB Manchester - Website)
'Inter-Intra Subunit Electron Transfer in AbCntAB Oxygenase/Reductase Domains and Catalytic Mechanism of Carnitine Oxidation Probed by cw-EPR method.'

Tues 8th Dec

Collette Guy (Gibson/Fulham Groups)
'Chemical tools to target Mycobacterium tuberculosis'


Tues 2nd June

Panward Prasongpholchai (Tosin Group)
'Elucidation of an unusual polyketide pathway in Rhodococcus'

James Williamson (Bugg Group)
'The use of lignin degrading bacteria for the valorisation of waste agricultural grasses'

Tues 9th June

Helen Smith (Challis/Lewandowski/Jenner Group)
'Reconstitution of a split C-methylating module from the gladiolin trans-AT polyketide synthase'

Patrick Capel (De Los Santos/Corre Group)
'Cell-free transcription translation for natural product research'

Tues 16th June

Chris Fage (Challis/Lewandowski Group)
'The kalimantacin polyketide antibiotics inhibit fatty acid biosynthesis in Staphylococcus aureus by targeting the enoyl-acyl carrier protein binding site of FabI'

Rhiannon Brooks (Dixon Group)
'Revealing the mechanism of protein-lipid interactions for a putative membrane curvature sensor in plant endoplasmic reticulum'

Tues 23rd June

Kathryn Murray (Gibson Group)
'Mammalian cell cryopreservation using bio-inspired polyampholytes'

Jack Weaver (Alberti Group)
'Discovering the biosynthetic pathway of pleuotin using heterologous hosts'

Tues 30th June

Christine Lockey (Dixon Group)
'Evidence of a direct interaction between the sensor kinase VanS and the antibiotic vancomycin'


Tues 7th July

Thays Carvalho De Souza (Tosin Group)
'Chemical probing and dissection of iterative polyketide assemblies'

Emzo de Los Santos (Group PI)
'Computational methods for prioritizing biosynthetic gene clusters'

Tues 14th July

Muhammad Hasan (Gibson Group)
'Exploiting nature's antifreezes to engineer anti-icing surfaces'

Jinlian Zhao (Challis Group)
'Investigation of bacterial polyyne gene clusters: novel polyyne discovery and cepacin biosynthesis'

Tues 21st July

Nicole Robb (Group PI)
‘Rapid virus detection using single-particle imaging and machine learning’

Tues 28th July

Goran Rashid (Bugg Group)

Fernanda Paiva (Dias Group, Sao Paulo)
'Structural insights into the [4+2] cycloaddition in polyether antibiotics biosynthesis'

Tues 4th August

Phillip Stansfeld (Group PI)
'Molecular modelling & dynamics of membrane proteins'

Andy Marsh (Group PI)
'New approaches to antiviral therapeutics'