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Group Members

Giovanni Costantini, Group Leader

Xiaocui Wu. PostDoc

Mona Braim, PhD

Archie Hobson, PhD
Alex Luci, PhD
Stefania Moro, PhD
Joseph Parker, PhD
Marco Turano, PhD
Callum Crockford, MChem

Former Group Members:

Harry Pinfold, MChem 2015-16, PhD 2016-21

Oscar Drury, MChem 2020-21

Jonathan Blohm, MChem 2011-12, PhD 2012-20

Omar Adesida, MChem 2019-20 (now PhD at Warwick, Bartok-Partay group)

Chris Greenland, MChem 2018-19 (now Pension Analyst at University of Warwick)

Mark Crossman, MChem 2018-19 (now PhD at Warwick, Walton group)

James Lawrence, MChem 2013-14, PhD 2014-2018 (now PostDoc in Liverpool, Raval group)

Daniel Warr, MChem 2013-14, PhD 2014-2018

Sareena Bassi, MChem 2017-18 (now Business Analyst at STEM Healthcare)

Tom Moriarty, MChem 2017-18

Francesca Bellingeri, summer student, URSS 2017 (now PhD at Warwick, Engineering)

Josh Tully, summer student, URSS 2017 (now PhD at Warwick, McPherson group)

Alex Price, MChem 2016-17

Caroline Montgomery, PhD 2011-15 (now Delivery Manager at CoreFiling)

Sarah Orsborne, MChem 2015-16 (now PhD at Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge)

Chris Vincent, MChem 2014-15 (now at Redwood Technologies)

Alice Thomas, summer student, URSS 2014 (now Software Engineer at BAE Systems Applied Technology, Guildford)

Ada Della Pia, PhD 2010-13 and PostDoc 2013-14 (now Innovation Consultant at CiaoTech, PNO Innovation, Italy)

Ben Moreton, MChem 2009-10, PhD 2010-14

Dexin Luo, MChem 2013-14 (now Technical Service Chemist at Metalube, Manchester)

Oreste De Luca, visiting Master studenm 2014 (now PostDoc in Groningen, Rudolf group)

Thomas White, MChem 2008-09, PhD 2009-13 (now at TeraView, Cambridge)

Philip Scholten, summer student, URSS 2013 (now PhD at University of Liège, Belgium)

Ben Martyn, MChem 2012-13 (now PhD at Warwick, Gibson Group)

Nataliya Kalashnyk, PostDoc 2010-12(now as PostDoc at Université de Lorraine, France)

Jonathan Rodriguez, visiting PhD 2012 (now PostDoc at Aarhus, Denmark)

Samantha Apps, summer student, URSS 2012 (now PhD at Imperial College London)

Cerianne Partridge, MChem 2011-12

Tomas Marangoni, Erasmus visiting PhD 2011 (now Senior Chemist at The Dow Chemical Company, USA)

William Laye, summer student, URSS 2011

Chris Murtland, MChem 2010-11 (now Teacher of Science (Chemistry), Wakefield)