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Mona Braim

I am a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Warwick; I joined the Surface, Interface & Thin Film Group at the Physics department in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Phil Woodruff and Prof. Giovanni Costantini at the Chemistry department. I am generally interested in studying metal-organic interfaces with the ultimate objective of quantitative structure determination of some structural phases of some organic molecules such as TCNQ, F4TCNQ, BTAH, and TPA deposited on single-crystal metal surfaces (e.g., Cu(111), and Cu(110). It involves gaining a detailed understanding of the structural, electronic, and chemical properties, using the novel synchrotron radiation-based method of X-ray standing waves and XPS at the UK's Diamond Light Source. These detailed structure determinations will be complemented by surface characterization work at Warwick using low energy electron diffraction (LEED) and scanning probe microscopy (SPM).
My program is fully funded by the King Abdullah Scholarship Program (KASP).

If you have any inquiries about my research, please feel free to email me at
Mailing address:
Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick
Coventry, UK