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Please note that Gemma has now moved to the Department of Chemistry at UCL. For up to date information, please visit

Welcome to the Research Group of Dr Gemma-Louise Davies at the Department of Chemistry, University of Warwick.

Our research aims to develop nanomaterials to solve important challenges in medicine and healthcare, focussing on the design and development of novel nanomaterials as functional MRI contrast agents and targetted drug delivery devices. We develop new and innovative technqiues to prepare nanostructures, combining traditional synthetic approaches (such as precipitation, organometallic and solvothermal syntheses) with innovative magnetically and thermally-driven technqiues to produce unusual nanostructures and nanocomposites with enhanced properties. The work is highly interdisciplinary, working with collaborators across Chemistry, Engineering, Life Sciences and the Medical School. Members of the group have the opportunity to carry out all stages of research - from synthetic design, preparation and analytical characterisation to application and device testing.

Gemma's CV


If you are interested in joining the group, please email with a 2 page CV, stating which area you are interested in working in.

PhD Opportunities

Opportunities are available for those wishing to do a PhD in the areas of MRI, drug delivery and environmental impact of nanomaterials. Our work is highly interdisciplinary, offering the opportunity to work with excellent scientists in different Departments and International Universities. PhD candidates may have the opportunity to visit Monash University in Melbourne, Australia through the Monash-Warwick Alliance.

If you are interested in a PhD, contact G-L dot Davies at warwick dot ac dot uk with a 2-page CV.

Are you a Warwick MChem?

Visit our MChem Projects page to see areas in which projects are available and email

G-L dot Davies at warwick dot ac dot uk

to find out more!

Our research is made possible by the generosity of our funders:

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...and of course, the students who do the work!

News Feed


Welcome to Leila Vickers, who is carrying out an Infineum-supported Summer research project in the group on responsive MRI contrast agents.

New Paper!

Thr group's latest work published recently in Scientific Reports can be viewed open access here.

Early Career Prize

Gemma-Louise was awarded best Early Career Presentation at the 7th Annual Royal Society of Chemistry Chemical Nanoscience Symposium in the University of Newcastle on 28th March 2017.

MIBTP Studentship

Want to do a PhD with me and Prof. Matt Gibson? Join us through the MIBTP programme! Email for more information.


Congratulations to Charlotte Fletcher, who received her MSc in Molecular and Analytical Sciences from the University of Warwick on 20th January 2017! Well done!

Another PhD studentship available

There is a PhD studentship available in investigating the environmental impact of nano-sized pollutants, in collaboration with the School of Life Sciences. Deadline for applications is 23rd January through the NERC CENTA doctoral training centre. Email for more info!

Go here for more details.

New Group Members!

Welcome to Charlotte Fletcher who will be joining the goup in October 2016 to start her PhD, on a collaborative project with Profs. Andrew McAinsh and Rob Cross in Warwick Medical School. Also, welcome to Gaby Newson and Claudia Fryer, carrying out their MChem projects in the group.

PhD Studentship available

There is a PhD studentship utilising responsive nanoparticles for industrial biotechnology applications available for October 2017 start, through the MIBTP programme @Warwick Chemistry. Email for more info!

International PhD Student Call!

The Warwick International Chancellor's Scholarships are now open. Are out outside UK and want to do a PhD in the group? Let me know!

Registration extended!

The registration for Molecular Imaging 2016 has been extended to 4th July - register here to see some great speakers!

One week to go to register for Molecular Imaging 2016

Registration for the Molecular Imaging 2016 Meeting, to be held on 15th July 2016 in the Clinical Sciences Building, University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire, closes on 23rd June! Register here to avoid missing out on this fantastic meeting with a host of renowned international speakers!

Poster Prize!

Congratulations to Henry who won second prize for his poster at the MAS annual conference in the Peak District, May 2016.

Paper Highlight

The Davies Group paper on heparin-stabilised magnetite as MRI contrast agents has been highlighted on the back cover of a special issue 'Emerging Investigator' issue of Journal of Materials Chemistry B.