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Please note that Gemma has now moved to the Department of Chemistry at UCL. For up to date information, please visit

In October 2014, we moved to brand new labs in the Materials and Analytical Sciences Building, beside Chemistry on the main campus. Three labs, featuring synthetic capabilities, state-of-the art analytical facilities as well as tissue culture facilities, are shared with the Gibson group. Come and visit us in MAS 1.05 and 1.07.

main lab

Materials/Synthetic Lab

featuring fume hoods, rotary evapoators, Schlenk lines, centrifuges, dessicators, oven, fridge and freezer facilities

Analytical lab

Analytical Support Lab

featuring fume hoods, centrifuges, microplate readers, UV-vis spectroscopy, freeze drying, microscopy and incubation facilities

cell lab 1cell lab2

Tissue Culture Lab

featuring biosafety fume hood, fluorescence microscopy, plate reader, centrigues, CO2 incubator, autoclave and liquid nitrogen storage

We also have access to a full suite of analytical equipment hosted in the Department of Chemistry, including NMR, Mass Spectometry, X-ray Diffraction, as well as a host of microscopy, chromatography, deposition & growth, spectroscopy, particle sizing, surface analysis, bioanalysis and physical & mechanical properties through the Science City Research Alliance. Dedicated on-site glassblowing, electronic and mechanical workshops ensure custom lab-ware at our fingertips!