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Molecular Switchability Integrating
Coordination Chemistry, Crystallography and Computation

Welcome to the MOSAIC4 home page.

MOSAIC4 is an EPSRC-funded project involving Principal Investigators from four universities:

  • Professor Malcolm Halcrow, University of Leeds (lead PI)
  • Professor Paul Raithby, University of Bath
  • Dr Richard Cooper, University of Oxford
  • Professor Rob Deeth, University of Warwick

Critical Mass Statement

This project is intended to achieve the de novo design of cooperative switchable SCO crystals by rational means, rather than by the trial-and-error approach that has been commonplace up to now. The tools we need are only now becoming available, partly through the work of the applicants, and a multi-disciplinary project towards that end is now timely. We will attack the problem from three synergistic workpackages of synthesis, theory and measurement. These workpackages are interlinked and results from each will inform the others through an iterative feedback process. This combination of complementary expertise within the Critical Mass environment will allow us to progress towards the design and fabrication of new SCO devices much more quickly and effectively, than if independent groups were working separately on different aspects on the problem.